Thank You for an Amazing Summer!

The Following poem about Camp Harlam was written by Jessie Doll, Kineret Girls 1, for the all-girls service led by our Cornerstone Fellows

As the car rolls over the hill
And all the leaves are standing still
My feeling of dread
Seems to spread
Of a place I do not know
A place where I’ll live and possibly grow
Of friends that I’ll meet
And people I’ll greet
Of memories that I will make
And objects I will come and take
Like little prizes that I’ve won
Of the things that I have done
Of friends that I will know forever
And friends that I’ll keep in any weather
These miracles will be bestowed
Exactly as they are showed
And as I step out of the car
I see where we are
A place where God is worshipped daily
And then and only then can I see
That this home is my home away from home



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