Latest Updates from Camp  Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training

As the staff of Camp Harlam summer 2011 is beginning to arrive, Supervisor training is coming to an end! The best feeling in the world was driving through the gate for the first time knowing that we were finally home. We moved into the Maon (supervisor housing building) and got situated with our new roommates for the next 10 weeks. After a quick, delicious bagel lunch, Aaron officially welcomed us to the summer of 2011. We literally broke the ice by working together and breaking giant blocks of ice filled with t-shirts. The rest of the day consisted of more fun programming and a fantastic dinner at Riverwalck, even though it was a little cold and rainy. What was already an amazing day, ended with my personal favorite part of every day, Siyum L’Yom, our closing circle and song. All 22 of us huddled together with are arms wrapped around each other singing, happy to be back at camp. I couldn’t stop smiling!

The next morning we had a fantastic training session with Chris Thurber, the founder of Leadership Essentials, a training program we have used for the past few years at camp. Since we usually watch him on a video screen, it was motivating having the ability to work with him on a personal level. We also got a chance to do some role playing and silly skits to practice our skills. For the rest of the day we continued to get to know each other and work through the nuts and bolts of what a supervisor should do during certain periods of the day. After putting the final touches on our staff unit assignments, we gathered in Aaron’s house to celebrate the beginning of the summer and wrapped up the night with Siyum L’Yom.

The next morning, we woke up anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first staff members: waterfront, adventure, Jewish life, cooks, and housekeeping! We decorated posters and cheered as our staff began their experience of Camp Harlam for the summer of 2011.

Now, as all of the remaining specialists begin to roll in to camp, it is just one more amazing step closer to the opening of camp for the 2011 season. It is shaping up to be an amazing beginning to what will most definitely be an amazing summer!

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