Latest Updates from Camp  New Role for Beth, Renovations Continue…

New Role for Beth, Renovations Continue…

In one week, I will celebrate my second anniversary as the Director at Camp Harlam. In most ways, it feels like I’ve been here forever. The experiences of the last two summers and all the work that is going into my third have been so rich and meaningful that it’s difficult to remember a time when I wasn’t part of this incredible community. However, it has not been so long that I can’t recall those earliest days of my transition here, and for that reason I am still as grateful today for the amazing team that I get to work with here as ever before.

AD PAINT.jpgOne such person that I’ve had the pleasure to work with at Camp Harlam as a colleague is Beth Kanofsky.

As many in our community know, Beth is “one of our own”. Like our other Assistant Directors, Alex Gelman and Brett Goldenhorn, Beth grew up at Harlam and worked her way through our camper and leadership development experiences to eventually join our staff. As an Assistant Director since January 2010, Beth has been a great part of our camp’s continuity of tradition as well as the emphasis on evolution and improvement at all times. And now, as we prepare for our 55th summer in Kunkletown, I’m extremely pleased to announce that Beth has been elevated to the position of Senior Assistant Director effective immediately. In this capacity, Beth will continue to manage many of the same areas she has been of late, and will also be afforded the chance to use her experience and knowledge to be even more engaged in the operational management of Harlam. Please join me and our entire Professional Staff in wishing Beth Mazel Tov, and feel free to reach out to her at

GC renos 2013 2 28 K1There is lots going on at Harlam today, with staffing being finalized, programs (new initiatives and old favorites) being planned, systems being set, and much more. Info about the summer (including forms for families, Handbooks, summer events…) will be continuing to come out soon, and one of the coolest enhancements underway is the progress happening with our first 3 totally rebuilt Girls Camp cabins. The efforts of our fundraising campaign have led to the continuation of facility improvements like this, and as you may have seen from our frequent updates on Facebook (, the progress with these new bunks is amazing. We can’t wait to unveil them this summer (and stay tuned for a chance at a “sneak peek” this spring).

We’re counting down the days until we’re back at camp, and we hope that many of you are getting just as excited as we are!

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