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Department Updates

By: Individual Department Heads and their Assistants

Omanoot: Rachel Bomze and Inbal Milo

This past week has been an exciting one in Omanoot!  Our youngest units have been cartooning up a storm.  They are learning how to make manga-like cartoon characters and having a blast.  Carmel and Sharon have been creating paper mache creatures.  They painted their creatures beautifully!  Arava and Galil have been busy making “Ugly-Doll”-like stuffed animals.  They have been sewing their creatures and adding fun embellishments to finish their creations.  Many of the units have also participated in making mosaics, circle-weaving, candle-making, and tie-dye this past week.  There has been quite a lot of amazing drawings and paintings created, as well.  Campers have been using acrylic, ink and watercolors to paint from Chapel on the Hill, in the landscape, as well as painting our beautiful Omanoot Tree and Lake Joshua.  The campers love being outside to create their landscape drawings and paintings.  In addition to landscape, the older units participated in figure drawing courses, where they drew each other in funny poses, learned the proper proportions of the body, as well as had an opportunity to collaborate with the Dance Chug to draw people in motion.  In woodshop many of the campers finished painting their birdhouses, and created racing cars.  Some of the classes even had the opportunity to test out their car creations, by racing them at the end of the week.  What fun!

Finally, in ceramics campers have been making incredible layered pinch pots.  Some look like sea anemones while others look like flowers.  The campers also experimented on the wheel and made wafer bowls to play with the slab technique.  All of the campers in ceramics glazed their pieces with true artistry.   We can’t wait to see their projects come out of the kiln.   What an amazing week of watching your creative children make art!


Teva: Nate Vaughan

Our garden is planted and campers continue their hard work with Farmer John!  As first session comes to a close, campers will be making signs to beautify their garden with quotes about Tikkun Olan and Shomer Adamah

Every time campers enter our Amir Garden they recite the Bracha “Oseh Ma’aseh Bereshit” to celebrate the creation they are making themselves.  Amir Fellow Emily Simkin ran a program with our campers on Lashon Harah and compared carefully walking in the gardens’ pathways to so we don’t trample our plants to being careful with our words so we don’t trample others’ feelings.  It is lessons like these that make our garden such a wonderful educational space, and we are excited to share more with you as our campers and garden continue to grow!



Performing Arts Blog

The Performing Arts Chugim have been busy, busy, busy!  In photography campers are playing with optical illusions.  One photo they created was of themselves pretending to hold the Chapel on the Hill in their hands.  They also collaborated with Farmer John to take macro photography shots of the garden, which are extreme close-ups.  They also played with photoshop, in turning their portraits into Warhol inspired pop art pieces, as well as line drawings.

In Video they have been continually surprised by the amount of talent and creativity displayed by campers of all ages.  Campers have been practicing film techniques such as sound and video editing, story writing, and stop motion.  One ambitious group of Sharon campers was so excited about films that they even led us in making a short movie.  Through the use of editing, green screen, and education about different shot types (in the form of a video scavenger hunt), kids have learned how film is used to manipulate an audience’s emotions.

This past week in Dance, camper’s have learned new zumba dances, choreographed dances, made music videos and played several different games.  Many rounds of freeze dance and dance charades have been played.  The campers continue to have fun in Dance!

Finally, we ended the week with “That Was So 55 Years Ago:  The Story of Camp Harlam”.  Be on the lookout for the play on the camp’s website, to relive the excitement! The play was amazing!  This session had the biggest cast of campers ever, with over 70 people involved.  The campers worked so hard and created an incredible revue.  We are so proud of them!

The campers continue to amaze us with their innovative and creative spirits!


Athletics: Troy Podell

I want to take this opportunity to let you know what an amazing group of campers we have.  Whether they are learning new sports and skills in clinics, competing for a championship in The Association, or experiencing the thrill of inter-camp athletics, our kids are awesome.  Sure they try their best, play hard and work for the win, but, what I am most proud of is how they live their values through sport.  Our kids show sportsmanship, care for their teammates and opponents and remain wonderful people no  matter how intense the competition.  Today, the Jewish future looks bright.

J-Life: Caitlin Brazner and Jordan Pelavin

Things that you can only do in J-Life: Grow (and taste) fresh fruits and vegetables in our camp garden, meditate in the forest  with your whole bunk, bake fresh pita over a  campfire, create unique artwork inspired by Israeli artists, discuss (and taste again) fair trade chocolate, learn about the ways in which gaga is Jewish, sing with Dan Nichols, pray with your friends and pray with all of camp.  J-life at Camp Harlam is much more than a mini-rotation or a period on the schedule; it is a fun and engaging part of everything that we do.  No matter if we are in the garden, in the woods sitting in the Beit, J-life at camp means learning and LIVING Jewishly!


Waterfront: Dana Sherwood, Danielle Strauss and Beth Forshaw

Splash! and Swim-drive into waterfront.  This week canoe trips and lots of paddling down the Delaware Water Gap.  K’far Noar had a blast and Arava took on the task.  Zumba in the water is dancing to a beat.  While junior lifeguard training is gaining a lot of young and excited new kids.  The lake is still going strong, bunks are loving the toys and swimming with no shoes!  Go Waterfun of Summer 2013.

Adventure: Max Presser and Val Cohen

What a week full of children overcoming fears, finding their limits and pushing through them and all around beaming with pride as they completed a task.  Some of the highlights this week are Carmel acting as big kids while zipping through camp on the zip line and climbing to the top of the indoor wall and balancing and concentrating on the low ropes course.  Chavurah competed in the low ropes course and were timed as they went through.  They also competed with the Tower by climbing, doing the sloth and making a cheer for their team.  Sharon went up and up and up as they conquered the High Ropes course and cheered each other on as camper after camper found it inside of them to try a new adventure.  The staff who have the lucky ability to help these young people move forward and accomplish things they would rarely try at  home, talk about their fortune to be a specialty counselor in the best program in camp.

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