Latest Updates from Camp  Final Unit Blogs

Final Unit Blogs

By: Individual Units

Carmel: Jill Cogan and Sam Lord

Carmel has had an amazing session.  We came together almost 4 weeks ago as a group of strangers and we have been learning and growing all summer through clinics, chugim, adventure, and all of the other great things we get to try.  We bonded with our amazing Chavurah buddies, swam at Beltzville Lake and rode as many rides as we could at Dorney Park.  Last week we led the whole camp in a beautiful Friday night service and taught everyone shmirat halashon, speaking with compassion.  We learned what it meant to be brave, how to create shalom bayit, peace in our homes, and what it means to be humble.  We have all learned so much, shared some amazing moments and created memories that will last a lifetime.  We are proud to be Carmelians and will never forget Summer, 2013.

Sharon: Michael Davis and Hannah Ticho


As the end of second session of Summer, 2013 comes to an end we look back at all we have accomplished.  Our Sharonians have grown in front of our eyes.  Our cast of characters that acted in Willy Wonka made us so proud and watching the great sportsmanship throughout our entire unit during Macabbiah was something to be very proud of.  As we finished our final Shabbat and celebrated Havdalah, we look to each other for comfort knowing that we have to say good bye.  But maybe, just maybe, the school year will go very fast and we will wishing each other a “Welcome Home!” very soon!  Until Summer, 2014…

Kineret: Amanda Wilson and Paige Erlich

Blog by: Hannah Bass – KG1

As the final week of the session is ended, our campers have competed in Macabbiah with ruach and determination.  Divided into four teams, campers engaged in healthy competition.  Prior to this event even starting, many Kineret campers performed in the Camp play, Willy Wonka.  They did amazing and it had to be the best camp play.  The dedication from these campers and our staff over this past week have welcomed everything new and old to the camp family.  As a specialty counselor we are given the unique experience to spend all day with our campers and build new bonds while strengthening pre-existing bonds.  The Macabbiah is a great way to close the session and I know the campers are even more excited for the final days of the session.

Arava: Beryl Trauth-Jurman and Brian Strauss

Blog by: International Staff Member: Omar Ahmed

The day I entered through the gates at Camp Harlam I was so overwhelmed and to be honest, wanted to leave as soon as possible.  This was my first time at a Jewish Camp.  I arrived a week later than everyone else; nothing was going right.  My new Athletics Supervisor, Troy Podell, greeted me at the door. He greeted me with a hug and then I went to my first meeting with my fellow staff members of Arava.  Instantly, I was greeted kindly.  Still I was confused as to what was happening and it was time for a Shabbat Service.  At that moment, during the service, I witnessed the unity at this special place.  Even though I am not Jewish and really haven’t had many conversations with Jewish people prior to camp, that had been special.

My first interaction with campers the day they arrived was one of the highlights of my life.  I realized that I couldn’t wait to share what it’s like to be English and a Londoner.  The campers laughed at my accent and then I had the fun of them asking me to pronounce the word, “aluminum”, I say, “aluminium.”   During this session we had many talks about their future and I’ve tried my best to advise them on what’s best.  I will always remember this special place and the memories I’ve made here I will always cherish.

Galil: Sean Carlin and Ronit Zemel


 “To Be Continued”

The summer of 2013 has been a narrative. A telling tale with a beginning, a middle and an end; a rising action, climax, and denouement. Each and every camper in Galil this summer was a character in this tale; a character with its own sub-story and development. And just as characters of most stories, our campers have fought battles, overcame obstacles, found themselves in ways that could not happen in any other place and learned a thing or two about this spinning rock called Earth. The story that Galil has told has been one of adventure, fantasy and mystery. Adventure because each and every camper accomplished a goal they had set for themselves, doing something that they thought they maybe couldn’t. Fantasy because the setting of this story, Camp Harlam, is a world like no other, a world that is home to magic that cannot be channeled or bottled but can be seen on the faces of every child and staff member at camp. And mystery because, who knows what is next? There is no telling what will happen to these kids when they leave our gates on Sunday morning. We hope for a happy ending, but as Orson Welles said, if you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop the story.

So maybe this summer was not a story, but a story within a story, a chapter if you will. A chapter that has a beginning, a middle and an end that flashes a “will be continued” sign across our eyes, leaving our jaws dropped and our hearts racing as we wait for the next installment. Camp is a place where each and every child who walks in is given the opportunity to write a new chapter in their lives, filled with new characters to experience a new setting with, to laugh with, to cry with and to say “see you next summer” with. We do not need to rewrite the story each summer, but just keep pushing back the ending, keep adding new chapters, more pages and more volumes. The summer may be wrapping up, but the end is not now, the end is where we make it.  And as our campers go home, with everything new they’ve learned and experienced, we await the next chapter, when they come home to Harlam, and get to work continuing their story. See You Next Summer Camp Harlam!

K’far Noar: Jon Schulman and Jen Rubin

It has been another great week in K’far Noar. Sadly we are getting down to the end of the session and soon it will be time to say goodbye to another great summer at Harlam. The past week was filled with fun programming like Israel Day, the camp play and now we are on day 2 of Color War. It is so great to see our campers and staff dressed in their different colors displaying ruach all over camp. Soon we will come together again as a unit and cherish our last few days together. It has been our pleasure to be the unit leadership for this caring, dynamic and fun group of young adults. I hope that on the drive home on Sunday they tell you all about their wonderful experiences they had this summer. Unfortunately Jon has to leave camp on Friday and will not be here on closing day but as the unit leadership we want to thank you for sharing your children with us. We hope they learned as much from us as we did from them. We wish you safe travels to and from camp and we hope to see you all back at Camp Harlam in 2014!


Chavurah: Ellie Tepper and Jill Comer

Chavurah had a fantastic last week.  We did as much as possible to suck up the rest of camp magic before the session ended.  We had a great time during Color War, dancing, singing and playing sports.  The highlight was our RAH-bsticle course prank.  We’ve had a fantastic summer and cannot believe our final year as campers is over.  It’s been a summer of memories and smiles!  The summer may be over, but the memories are forever!

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