Latest Updates from Camp  Shabbat at Camp Harlam: Words from a Harlam Camper

Shabbat at Camp Harlam: Words from a Harlam Camper

The following was a service part written by Harlam camper, Elijah Weitzman, for a Camp Harlam Shabbat at Temple Emanual in Cherry Hill, NJ! Thanks Eli, for sharing these awesome words about camp! Shabbat Shalom!

Camp_harlamShabbat Shalom! Camp Harlam reminds me of a free, fun, and Jewish community, even though it is far away from where I live today.  The Yism’chu also reminds me of camp when we would have a Shabbat service. Everyone would crowd around, sing, and celebrate the seventh day, Shabbat. People would chant and sing the prayers, and even those who didn’t know the prayers were able to sing along and enjoy the service. At camp, Shabbat was completely separate from our normal camp schedule. It was a special time for everyone at camp to come together and relax, pray, enjoy, and reflect on the past week. Now that I have been to camp, I understand the prayers and enjoy how I learn more about them here at Temple Emanuel. This prayer, the Yism’chu, is also important in my daily life, because it reminds me that it was god who created the world, and that on that special seventh day, he rested and I need to rest too. Thank you.

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