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The Buzz — Why Everyone Will Be Talking About Harlam Day Camp

By Dan Pliskin
Vice Chair, URJ Camp Harlam
Chair, URJ Harlam Day Camp

I’m a Jewish camp person. Not a professional staffer, mind you, but an alum (of course) and a longtime lay leader. If you and I had even a short conversation, my love of Jewish camp would probably come out in one way or another. But even if I weren’t a Jewish camp person, I would still tell you what I am about to tell you: the new Harlam Day Camp is going to be a high quality, creative, safe, fun and robust place for kids to spend some time next summer, and I urge you to check us out for your younger kids. Here’s why:

  • Our Leadership. We’ve hired a terrific director, Eytan Graubart, who has already amassed a ton of Jewish day and overnight camp experience and brings boundless energy, creativity and enthusiasm to this new project. Meet him, talk to him on the phone, watch our video, and see the passion. Also meet Sarah Beth (Feinberg) Podell, an experienced Harlamite now helping lead the day camp, and talk to her about all of these things, too.View More:
  • Our Experience. Camp Harlam (overnight) has been around for 55 years, and over that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about Jewish camping. Director Aaron Selkow is highly-regarded and broadly experienced with both day and overnight camps. We have a strong track record of giving kids a vibrant, transformative, Jewish-identity-enhancing experience , and creating a caring community. We are drawing on everything we have learned about Jewish camping and adapting it to give Harlam Day Campers a comparable, developmentally appropriate experience and community.
  • Our Facilities. Harlam Day Camp is located in Bryn Mawr on the beautiful campus and grounds of the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, with wonderful outdoor spaces and sports fields and nature, as well as indoor areas for rainy days and certain programs. The campus is close to many neighborhoods and accessible to others by major roadways, and transportation options will be available.
  • Our Program. Drawing on our leadership’s collective years of day camp background, Harlam Day Camp’s program will be impressive, with all of the traditional day camp activities like swimming, sports, music, arts, drama, nature, and age-appropriate outdoor adventure, as well as special programs and family and community events. We also have scholarship available to help make our program available to as many families as possible.
  • Our Network. Harlam Day Camp is part of a network of 15 camps all over North America operated by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), and we benefit from the support and resources of the larger URJ camp system. We are honored to have been chosen to be the very first URJ-sponsored day camp.

So, with a great name, a great place, and great people, Harlam Day Camp is a great path to put younger children on. It is absolutely worth your time to find out more about Harlam Day Camp. Visit us at or call Eytan or Sarah Beth at 610.668.0423. Who knows, maybe one day, your child will be a “Jewish camp person,” too.472601_10200945201815219_976250423_o

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