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Being Jewish While Playing Sports

By: Dani KatowitzAthletics Supervisor

After an amazing summer in 2014 I am back as the Athletics Supervisor ready to strengthen our programming even more. Our campers have so much to gain from the fourteen staff members on the Athletics team this summer. Coming from all over the world we are ready to teach our campers how to be the best version of themselves on and off the fields. Though there have been many changes to our programming this summer, we are off to a good start so far.

Playing sports at camp is different than anywhere else. It isn’t only because of the beautiful views of the Mahoning Valley; it’s more than just that. At camp our campers have the unique opportunity to play sports Jewishly. Every time we kick a soccer ball or learn how to do a cartwheel at gymnastics there is a Jewish connection behind it all. Our campers aren’t “good sports,” they are mensches. Our staff our Jewish Role Models whether they themselves are Jewish: each lesson our coaches try to instill the weekly middah (value) for our campers, allowing them to see the connection between the sport they are playing and the value of the week. This year we are even trying to incorporate Hebrew into our sports practices in order to connect every day activities to the ancient and modern language of our people. The coaches for the most part refer to the sports by their Hebrew name and soon we will be putting signs around the athletic areas with sports terms in Hebrew. We want campers to go home with a few more words that they can actually use in their Hebrew vocabulary! We are ready for the rest of the summer.

Pinemere Games, July 9th we will be ready!!!

Win Everywhere!!

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