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‘Twas the Night Before Camp

‘Twas the night before camp and all through the land,
What kids anticipated was finally at hand.
With all clothing folded and carefully stowed,
They eagerly waited to get on the road.

The staff were all done with Siyum L’Yom.
All they could think of was welcoming home.
The cabins were ready, all cleaned with great haste,
Welcome signs for the morning were carefully placed.

The staff members worked, together, with care,
For all of the campers who soon would be there.
As for all of those campers, they slept hardly a wink.
That they’d soon be with camp friends was all they could think.

Moms and dads sat together working through lists,
Careful to make sure there was nothing they’d missed.
Song session, milk squad, athletics, and art,
The wait finally over, it was now time to start.

In the light of the morning, there’d be cheerful well-wishes,
In advance of a summer both great and auspicious.
The parents would wave as campers left their sight,
And assure each other that they’ll be alright.

Soon Camp Harlam would be coming alive,
As kids reunited with hugs and high-fives.
Camp would be ready, in condition pristine.
All would be in place for 2017.

And as the first day of camp turns into the first night,
A happy summer to all and may each day excite!

Adapted By Sam Blum, Sharon Assistant Unit Head


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