Latest Updates from Camp  Weeks 2 & 3 Round Up- Second Session 2017

Weeks 2 & 3 Round Up- Second Session 2017

It’s been a great two weeks at Camp Harlam. It’s hard to believe there is only 1 week left.

Carmel: This week has been so much fun! Between our Israel Night evening program, our Teva Campfire and our Cookie Cake Iron Chef, our evenings have been jam-packed with fun activities! On Tuesday we went to Dorney Park and had a blast riding rollercoasters, playing carnival games and getting soaked in the water park! All together, we had an amazing time and we are so ready for a very relaxing Shabbat!

Sharon: Sharon had another excellent week of camp! We had a great time going to Beltzville Lake and enjoyed getting a special snack there. We did activities at adventure, arts, athletics, and teva, and the entire unit bonded over the stream hike. Our special evening programs included Old People Night, Paint Night, a Disney Pool Party, Israel Night, and we made Paper Bag Puppet Bands. While we were sad to see the intro campers leave, we know that the second half of the session will be incredible.

Kineret: What an exciting week we had in Kineret! We did so many incredible activities, like play against Pinemere, visit the goats at the farm, and ride so many fun rides at Dorney Park!! The weather this week has been beautiful, except for one day where we had surprise activities planned because it was raining all day. We saw our friends perform in the Kineret Talent Show, and met our K’far Buddies too! We’ve really seen lifelong friendships forming in just the few weeks we’ve been here! I can’t wait for what’s in store for next week!

Arava: It has been a great week in Arava! We were lucky enough to lead services on the hill for a sunny Shabbat (one of few this summer!). Some of us traveled down the road to compete against our friends at Pinemere in sports such as newcomb and soccer. We also traveled all the way to Hershey Park for a day of sugary treats and rides. Some of our evening programs varied from Olympics night to Equality night. We can’t wait for the last week of camp to be even better!

Galil: It’s been another awesome week in Galil. We went to Hershey Park and had a couple more hikes along the Appalachian trail. We also lead services this Shabbat. We are excited for our last week here this summer. Can’t wait to show off our Haka (unit cheer).

K’far Noar: K’far noar had a wonderful second week of second session. We got into the swing of camp with days full of adventure, athletics, arts, and j life. On Monday we heading to New York City for our second session trip. We started the trip with some free time in Chelsea market then we headed onto the circle line boat tour where we got a close up view of the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to the Jewish heritage museum in battery park and had a thoughtful discussion about our Jewish past, present, and future. We needed the night at The Funplex, and indoor amusement park in New Jersey. The next day we headed back into the city and did a tour of the lower east side. We walked to the 9/11 memorial and explored the reflection pools. We ended our trip with free time in Times Square and a wonderful viewing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway.

Chavurah: In Chavurah we are still having a great time! We just traveled to Washington, D.C. for a four day, three night trip full of fun. We visited museums, saw an amazing documentary called Step, got to see that Nationals beat the Florida Marlins 4 runs to 3, and visit the National Zoo. On our way back up to camp on Wednesday we stopped for a tour at Gettysburg. We are happy to be back at camp where we have been up to our usual fun helping out in the garden, going to Jewish Life electives with faculty, and hanging out by the pool. We are looking forward to a relaxing Shabbat and our last Rak Dan of the summer!

Gesher: The CITs had a busy week! We kicked off Friday night with a Gesher pool party, and many of our waterfront CITs led the group in water zumba.  Saturday morning, it was amazing to welcome CIT families for Gesher Shabbat. Through song, prayer, and sharing thoughtful reflections on their CIT experience with campers and family members, they put together a beautiful Shabbat morning service. They enjoyed showing off Harlam spirit and shared the joy of camp. At the start of the week, they had their CIT 24 hour experience.  They slept in their camper’s cabins for one night, and were with them all day. Getting a full taste of the counselor experience  was rewarding and challenging. On Tuesday half of the CITs went to Dorney and the other half to Hershey Park! They were placed with groups of campers and their counselors, and experienced what it was like to be responsible for a group of kids in a public space.  The past few days, they’ve been working really hard to prepare for the upcoming Saturday night Variety Show. They’ve been putting their creativity, sense of humor, and dancing skills to work! We’re so excited and ready for it.

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