Latest Updates from Camp  A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

By Miriam Hide

From trying my first s’more to teaching my first swimming lesson, it’s safe to say my time at camp has been new, exciting, and tasty! When I first arrived at camp, it’s and understatement to say I felt overwhelmed. The responsibilities that come with being a lifeguard seemed daunting at first. However, after a few helpful tips from returning international staff members and my fellow waterfront friends, I soon got into the rhythm of things.

Teaching kids to swim is not only fun but also fulfilling, and I could not have asked for a better supporting staff. From landing in JFK to jumping into the “refreshing” pool, I have certainly gained a new perspective. I have come to realize that camp is not simply a place to spend my summer but also a place to call home.

Miriam Hide is from the UK. She is studying history at the University of Edinburgh. This is her first summer at camp! 

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