Community Visitor Day Co-Hosted by the RAC: L’Taken and Beyond – Social Justice in Action

Open to congregations that have previously participated in a L’Taken program

Join Camp Harlam and the Religious Action Center as we welcome all L’Taken chaperones from Camp Harlam congregations up to camp for the day to talk about our shared work: teaching our young people how to act on their values. At L’Taken teens put language and action to the experiences, values, and lessons learned at congregations and at camp: b’tzelem Elohim, gimilut chasadim, the mitzvah to love thy neighbor as thyself, the middah of achreyut – thinking about others, and so much more. Let’s spend the day exploring how all of this comes together – the ways we’re finding success and the opportunities to grow and reach higher.

Experiences will include:

  • Debriefing the L’Taken Seminar experience with Shira Zemel and Rabbi Michael Namath
  • Walking tour of middot at camp: building character to become the best version of ourselves
  • Sharing best practices in our communities

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