On behalf of the entire Harlam community, thank you for your support! Your commitment and generosity has had a powerful, positive effect on our campers and staff. Our camps transform those who partake in this immersive experience and thus, work to create a new and vital future for the entire Jewish community.

We are so appreciative of the many donors who support Harlam in a meaningful way.

Below are some words from families about the impact camp has on their lives:

View More: http://jenniferleephotography.pass.us/urjcampharlam2012"Time spent with friends is something I'll always remember. I made so many friends -- people I am still in contact with. Shabbat was also incredible. Services outside, everyone in white…I'll remember that the most. It is a very warm and welcoming place, with great activities." -- Camper

"Our daughter has made lifelong friends, has a strong Jewish identity and amazes us each time she returns with more maturity and independence than she had when we left her there."  -- Parent

"We have a nice Jewish population at home, but to have a program that revolves around being Jewish, I think is a must for today's Jewish kids and different from their home friends -- spiritual aspects."  -- Parent

"I wanted to reinforce the Jewish values she learned during the year. I love how she learns Jewish things in an informal camp setting with friends…She cries when we pick her up and talks about camp all year around." -- ParentDSC_0092_result