referral-programDue to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we are pleased to launch the Camp Harlam Family Referral Program. This incentive program – available for a limited time to families currently enrolled for the summer of 2017 – is designed to incentivize camp families (the “Referring Family”) to spread the word about Camp Harlam and encourage the enrollment of new families (the “Referred Family”).

As an incentive for spreading the word about Camp Harlam, we have limited funds available to provide monetary credits (“Referral Credits”) to a Referring Family as follows:

  • $225.00 camp tuition credit to a Referring Family for each referred family that enrolls one (or more) campers in a full 3½-week session (Intro Experience campers are not eligible.)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Referring Family earns $225 per new enrolled Referred Family, regardless of the number of new campers enrolled in that family.
  • The total amount of credit a Referring Family can earn through this program is capped at the amount of one full 3½-week session.
  • The Referred Family must be one that does not have a preexisting connection with Camp and cannot already be in Camp Harlam’s database. For example, Referral Credits would not be available for families that have already inquired about camp, for other siblings from the Referring Family, or for children of alumni.
  • Referral credits are applicable to the tuition of campers enrolled only at Camp Harlam. They are not applicable to the tuition balance of campers enrolled in Harlam Day Camp, the Union for Reform Judaism’s NFTY in Israel or Mitzvah Corps programs, or any other URJ Camp or youth engagement program.
  • If any camper from a Referred Family registers but does not end up coming to camp, then the Referring Family will not be entitled to a credit for that camper.
  • Both the Referring Family and the Referred Family will be asked for consent to post the referral on social media for the purposes of marketing both the referral program and Camp Harlam.

To be Eligible, Families must do the Following:

  1. A Referring Family will need to submit the online form below with information about the Referred Family.
  2. A copy of this referral form will be shared with the Referred Family, and a follow-up call will be made to the Referred Family by camp, indicating that they have been referred by the Referring Family.
  3. The Referred Family will need to either immediately enroll in camp OR complete an online request for information form on which they identify the Referring Family as their “lead source.” Camp’s professional staff will then reach out to the Referred Family.
  4. After the new camper(s) begin their session(s) at camp, the Referring Family will be able to choose between receiving the Referral Credits through a refund, applying it to the following summer, or donating it to a camp scholarship fund.


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