Situated in the Pocono Mountains, Camp Harlam is nestled in a beautiful environment. The beautiful surroundings including the mountains, glorious sunsets and starry nights, makes the Camp Harlam experience an unforgettable one. Many of our facilities at camp are heated and are available for use in the winter for groups to rent out.

Buildings at Camp

ph1Beit Hatarboot
The Beit Hatarboot is the main rec hall at Camp Harlam. It has a stage and a complete sound system and can fit over 500 people. It is great for concerts, plays, talent shows and other fun programs. It is also air-conditioned to keep us nice and cool in the hot summer and heated to keep us warm in the winter.



ph2Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall)
Our air-conditioned Dining Hall can accommodate over 500 people. Adjacent to our Chadar Ochel is our kitchen which prepares delicious kosher-style meals for everyone! The Dining Hall is heated for the winter.




The Mircaz is another air-conditioned building which provides great space for programs. It consists of a main chapel, 3 classrooms, and a library. This building is also heated and is available to groups who rent out camp in the winter.




new beitNew Beit

The New Beit is home to our gymnastics and self-defense clinics during the summer. During the winter, this building is a great program space, complete with a stage and a sound system.




Sports PalaceSports Palace
The sports palace is an indoor facility which includes basketball courts. It is available during select times in the Winter season.




Athletic Facilities

ph5Our sports facilities include 8 tennis courts, 3 soccer fields, 4 basketball courts, 2 ga-ga pits, 3 kickball fields and 1 softball diamond.




We have 2 chapels located on our property. One chapel is located on the top of a hill, from which you can see the entire camp, as well as the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Our other chapel is located in the woods, with tall trees towering over the wooden benches nestled in the area.

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