Camp Harlam's leadership is dedicated to helping families afford our extraordinary summer experience in any way possible. In addition to partnerships with URJ synagogues and One Happy Camper (OHC) sponsors, Harlam provides very generous scholarship through the Mitch Perlmeter Scholarship Fund and other programs. Gifts from Harlam are made confidentially through an anonymous/needs-based process facilitated by the camp's Financial Assistance Committee.

The Camp Harlam Financial Assistance application, as well as other materials related to this process, will be available for enrolled families in their CampInTouch accounts after enrollment. Our 2020 application is expected to be available in the fall, and we expect it to be due by the end of the year.

Until the 2020 information is available, you can refer to the 2019 Financial Assistance Resources for Families and 2019 Financial Assistance Application Instructions documents to get a sense of the resources and process. Please feel free to contact Cori Miller, our Camper Care & Enrollment Manager, at or 610-668-0423, ext. 1033 with any questions.

Please use the dropdown menu below to explore additional information about financial assistance at Camp Harlam. 

  • Our sibling Discount was increased to $150/$250 (second child/each additional child) in 2016.
  • Through the generosity of the Weidhorn Family Foundation, a $1,000,000 endowment for scholarship has been established at Camp Harlam. This will allow us to begin awarding special Weidhorn Scholarship Program awards to families with 2, 3, 4 or 5 children at camp. No special form needs to be completed; families interested in being considered for this program will self-identify through the online Financial Assistance application and acceptance in the Weidhorn Scholarship Program will occur during Camp Harlam’s Scholarship Committee review process. Weidhorn Scholarship Program awards are intended for families with special circumstances that make affording camp for multiple children especially difficult and those families trying to stretch to make camp possible for multiple children earlier or longer than expected. Key program details include:
  1. This is open to all families with more than one child at camp during the 2020 season in need of financial assistance.
  2. This program is meant to offer a similarly-sized gift award as the standard scholarship process, but will be renewed each year for the same or similar amount as long as the fiscal circumstances remain the same and the same number of children attend. This is intended to give families more of a long-term and reliable view of support from camp.
  3. Applicants will need to provide more insight into the specific circumstances that make being a multi-child family at camp difficult this year, and why this has both immediate and longer-term impact on their enrollment at camp. More details are in the application online.
  4. Those not awarded program gifts will automatically be funneled into our standard scholarship process (where multi-child family applications are also welcome).

One Happy Camper (OHC) is a program run by the Foundation for Jewish Camp that provides non-needs-based incentive grants for children to attend Jewish overnight camp for the first time. The grant amount is $1,000 for a child attending Harlam’s 3½-week session and $700 for a child attending Harlam’s Introductory Experience (in the Greater Metro West area, there are reductions in the grant amount if a sibling has ever received the grant). OHC grants are funded through a combination of the FJC and other donors and may only be available in certain Jewish communities in North America (and almost always are limited in quantity.) We are pleased to report that in 2020, Camp Harlam will once again be a donor in partnership with the FJC to fill the geographic gap if a first-time family qualifies for an OHC grant where one is not available.

FAMILIES MUST ENROLL FOR CAMP PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR THE OHC GRANTS. Once we receive notification from the Foundation for Jewish Camp of the OHC approval, the $1,000 (or smaller grant, as appropriate) will be applied as a credit to your account. Families can apply and learn about eligibility for the OHC grants at There are a limited number of One Happy Camper Scholarships available so we recommend you applying as early as possible.

Many synagogues have scholarship programs to help offset the cost of camp tuition for their congregants. We often partner with congregations, particularly for those families that apply for assistance through the Camp Harlam Financial Assistance Program. A Synagogue Participation Form (now available on our website and in your CampInTouch account) is a key part of the Financial Assistance application, but you can also submit a request to your congregation independent from participating in the Camp Harlam Financial Assistance program. When a synagogue notifies us of a scholarship commitment, it will immediately be applied as a credit to your account and lessen your financial responsibility. For all families that are members of URJ (Reform Movement) synagogues, Camp Harlam works hand-in-hand to help to leverage available funds from camp and the congregations. Some synagogues have special scholarship funds set aside, while others may consider support on a person-by-person basis.

Many of the Jewish Federations in North America offer needs-based camp scholarships. Please contact your local Federation for information about their programs or click the appropriate links below for information about Federation camp scholarships in your area:

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia:

Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley:

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey:

Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey:

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest:

The online Financial Assistance Application and accompanying materials should be used by families seeking financial assistance for either Camp Harlam (residential camp in Kunkletown, PA) or for the Harlam families with a child enrolled for the NFTY in Israel program.

If you are a family seeking assistance for MULTIPLE children to attend Camp Harlam, please note that the Weidhorn Scholarship Program will be continuing in 2020 and families with multiple children should follow this same application process to be considered for this program (there will be an opportunity to self select this program as part of the application process).

The Financial Assistance Program is available to members of URJ (Reform Movement) congregations as well as those unaffiliated with a URJ congregation. The options for each group are distinctive in this way:

  1. URJ congregational members will be part of the standard scholarship program and process that has the benefit of funding from both the budgeted assistance allocated annually by Camp Harlam and the supplemental support of the Mitch Perlmeter Scholarship Fund. Requests by URJ congregational members will be considered for support as the camp's priority.
  2. Non-URJ congregational members will be eligible for support from the Mitch Perlmeter Scholarship Fund only.
  3. Scholarship awards are considered on an anonymous/needs-basis. The committee will consider:
    1. Family income as confirmed by the current year's tax returns. While assets and other metrics may be relevant, the committee has found current tax returns to be the most consistent and useful tool
    2. Extraordinary expenses (i.e. extreme medical costs) and circumstances (i.e. loss of job or illness) but not expenses that are more typical in the life of a family such as orthodontics, B'nai Mitzvah and/or college costs.
    3. Divorce (or other like issues) in families with an absent parent. However, the committee is wary of difficulties related to parental disputes (such as decrees that do not include camp costs), because it is not the committee's role to adjudicate such family matters.

Applicants must submit the online application. Please identify any child you are requesting assistance for, but you only need to complete one application per family. All timely applications will be reviewed before any late application will be considered. Complete applications received after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis with awards given from funds available (if any) at the time of consideration.

All NEW applicants must supply a copy of their 2019 Federal Income Tax Return. RETURNING applicants may supply a copy of their 2018 Federal Income Tax Return. The Financial Assistance Committee will not consider any application submitted without a Federal Tax Return. Applications not submitted with the proper documentation will be considered incomplete. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive the necessary Federal Income Tax Return and your application is complete.

When completing the online portion of the application, it is required that families indicate the amount they are able to contribute toward camp tuition. This amount should include all funds being contributed by family/friends, but should not include scholarship being provided by synagogues, federations, etc. Please do not request "as much as possible", or an unspecified amount. Applications with vague requests or unspecified amounts will not be considered.

The Financial Assistance Committee will consider awards assisting campers for one session of camp. For example, if a child is enrolled for the Full Season (both First Session and Second Session), financial assistance will be considered solely for First Session.

Harlam requests that families contact their own congregation, local Jewish Federations and/or communal organizations to inquire about any available resources they may be able to provide. Please provide your congregation with the 2020 Synagogue Participation Form located under "Forms/Documents" in your CampInTouch account (available in the fall).

Award recipients will be notified by email after final determinations are made (typically by April 1st). These awards are provided as a credit toward camp tuition and seldom will result in full scholarships (even with other sources of support). Harlam reserves the right to adjust the awarded credit at any time without prior notice or notification to compensate for credit due to any additional payments received (including, but not limited to, other scholarships and/or grants) or credit given.

In order to achieve our goal to help as many families in need as possible each year, the amount of assistance awarded will be based partially on the overall number of applicants and the funds available.

Decisions on awards will be made by the Harlam Financial Assistance Committee on an anonymous basis, but when appropriate, the financial assistance application may be supplemented by information shared by both the camp's professional staff and/or the applicant's URJ congregation (confidentially).

THESE INSTRUCTIONS FROM 2019 WILL BE UPDATED SOON FOR 2020: Fully complete the online application by 12/31/2018 or within 2 weeks of enrollment if you register after 12/31/2018. If you are applying for assistance for more than one child, please indicate all children on your ONE Financial Assistance Application and submit your Federal Tax Return by uploading it directly to your CampInTouch account, by email to, or by mail by February 28, 2019, to:

Harlam Financial Assistance Program 301 City Avenue, Suite 110 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

RETURNING FAMILIES ONLY (those who received Harlam scholarship last year) | New Information about Taxes and Award Dates You can submit your 2018 tax returns by the end-of-year due date and this will allow us to notify you of your award in January. If you submit your taxes after this date, we will not be able to notify you of your award amount during January.

We suggest that you prepare the following information ahead of time so that you can complete the form more readily (the CampMinder system will time out if the form isn’t submitted in 40 minutes):

  1. Reason requesting assistance (we recommend you have this available in Word to readily cut and paste into the application)
  2. Additional information you would like to provide to our Scholarship Committee (we recommend you have this available in Word to readily cut and paste into the application)
  3. If you are a URJ Congregation Member, the name of the congregation and religious educator/Rabbi
  4. Amount you are able to contribute
  5. How many children you are requesting assistance for, as well as the number of years at camp and the sessions enrolled for in 2020
  6. 2019 Salary (for both custodial parents)
  7. Home value (if owned)
  8. Years owned
  9. Amount owed
  10. Additional real estate value
  11. Investment Value
  12. Investment type
  13. If there will be a dramatic change in income, please explain (we recommend you have this available in Word to readily cut and paste into the application)