Summer 2019 enrollment is now open for all new and returning families!

2019 Dates & Fees

Please note: All prices are in US Dollars

DivisionCurrent Grade (as of Sept. 2018)Session2019 Dates2019 Fees
Junior Camp2nd - 7th1st SessionWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21$5,700
2nd SessionWed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18$5,700
Full SeasonWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21 & Wed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18 (Campers must leave camp between sessions.)$10,200
K'far Noar8th Grade1st SessionWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21$5,700
2nd SessionWed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18$5,700
Full SeasonWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21 & Wed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18 (Campers must leave camp between sessions.)$10,200
Chavurah9th Grade1st SessionWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21$5,800
2nd SessionWed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18$5,800
Full SeasonWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/21 & Wed. 7/24 - Sun. 8/18 (Campers must leave camp between sessions.)$10,300
Gesher*11th GradeFull SeasonSun. 6/23 - Sun. 7/21 & Tue. 7/23 - Sun. 8/18$4,900
Intro Experience for First-Time Campers2nd - 4th1st SessionWed. 6/26 - Sun. 7/7$2,990
2nd SessionWed. 7/24 - Sun 8/4$2,990

Please note: All prices are in US Dollars

The above rates reflect a $300 discount for URJ members.

If you have questions or need assistance in determining the proper program for your child, please contact the camp office at (610) 668-0423.

*Gesher applicants will not be able to register until they are accepted to the program. Application information will be shared in the fall. If you have any questions, please email Alyssa Kress, Assistant Director.

Teen Programs

Four-week trip to Israel for 11th graders, June 30-August 4, 2019 (tentative). Learn more.
Teen leadership camp in Warwick, NY for grades 10-12. Learn more.
Volunteer & Travel Programs in North and Central America for grades 9-12. Learn more.
Four week bike trip around Lake Michigan for grades 10-12. Learn more.

Choosing a Session

Please review the following important information regarding your choices for enrollment:

For Campers Currently in 1st Grade
Standard enrollment does not allow for attendance by campers that are younger than those currently in 2nd Grade. Our experience has been that limiting our youngest cabin groups to those finishing 2nd Grade or older assures a more successful experience. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the camp office at 610-668-0423 (off-season) or 570-629-1390 (summer).

Full Season Session Option
If you are interested in having a child attend camp for both the First and Second Sessions (each session is 3½ weeks) please select ONLY the “Full Season” check box when enrolling. Full Season campers must leave camp between the end of First Session on Sunday, July 22nd and the start of Second Session on Wednesday, July 25th. In recent years, approximately 5-10% of Camp Harlam campers have attended camp for the full summer.

Intro Experience Sessions (General Information)
We offer this introductory experience for children currently in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grades only for the purpose of giving families more options and another gateway into residential Jewish camp. Although the Intro Program is full of activity and offers the essence of the camp’s unique spirit and experience, we strongly encourage families considering this option to also give thought to the full 3½-week sessions. We have found over many years that campers who are ready for our Intro Experience at Camp Harlam are almost always ready for more, and it’s the full First and Second Sessions that provide the most robust and authentic program for all ages of campers.

Intro Experience Sessions
In previous years, we had kept open the possibility for every child attending the Introductory Experience to extend to the full 3½-week session (the Intro Experience session is offered at the start of the First and Second Sessions.) After much consideration and experience in recent summers, those interested in the full 3½-week session will need to enroll for that program in advance. While the Intro Experience can still be a great option for a first-timer at camp, extensions will not be granted for these reasons:

  • We believe that parents (with input from our professionals, whenever needed) are best suited to make the decision regarding whether a child ought to be at camp for the Intro Experience or 24 days. Having a child empowered to inform this choice while they’re actually at camp is a burden that can have an adverse effect on the child’s ability to enjoy their camp experience to the fullest.
  • The back-and-forth communication between our Camper Care team, campers, counselors and parents during the brief Intro period to determine whether or not a camper may stay is a significant distraction and actually proves to sometimes impact the quality of the experience overall for both the child and others in the cabin group. The ongoing communication and consideration of the extensions by some can be a real stressor.
  • When creating cabin groups, it has become extremely difficult to assure the best bunk groupings possible without knowing definitively how many campers will be staying for the balance of the session.

If you have specific questions regarding the consideration of the Introductory Experience Session for your child, please contact the camp office at 610-668-0423 (off-season) or 570-629-1390 (summer).

Special Sibling Discount

Camp Harlam families will receive a $150 credit for their second child enrolled for 2018 at Camp Harlam. Each additional child enrolled in Camp Harlam will receive a $250 credit.

Additionally, through the generosity of the Weidhorn Family Foundation, a $1,000,000 endowment for scholarship has been established at Camp Harlam. This will allow us to begin awarding special Weidhorn Scholarship Program awards to families with 2, 3, 4 or 5 children at camp. No special form needs to be completed; families interested in being considered for this program will self-identify through the online Financial Assistance application and acceptance in the Weidhorn Scholarship Program will occur during Camp Harlam’s Scholarship Committee review process. 

Registration Terms and Policies

As the final step of the registration process, families will need to indicate their agreement with our Camp Harlam Application Policies. Please review these policies before you begin the registration process.