AB6A5540 copyThe Junior Camp program offers a complete camping experience in a Reform Jewish setting. Participants in Junior Camp are divided into five units, based upon grade level: Carmel, Sharon, Kineret, Arava and Galil (all named after regions in Israel). Educational, arts, aquatic, athletic and adventure activities are designed to guide children in an exciting summer of growth and opportunity.

Our educational program challenges each child to discover and investigate important Jewish issues and themes.

The Arts program offers each camper a chance to explore a myriad of activities: arts and crafts, ceramics, theater, dance, music, photography, audio production, video, digital photography and more.

Athletics and swimming at camp are both recreational and instructional. Harlam campers enjoy outstanding facilities which include: 8 tennis courts, 5 basketball courts, 3 soccer fields, 5 softball fields, 2 beach volleyball courts, a zipline, a 50-foot climbing tower, indoor and outdoor climbing walls, a low ropes course, mountain biking, an in-line skating path, hockey rink, 2 ga-ga courts, a tree house, and an indoor sports field house. The Camp Aquatics Program operates 3 swimming pools and a lakefront for swimming and boating in accordance with American Red Cross guidelines.

Kfar08F2965_resultK'far Noar is the entry into senior camp. Campers live in their own community village on the edge of main camp. In K'far Noar, 9th graders experience an intense and challenging summer featuring some of the elements of Junior Camp programming as well as facets of youth group programming that focus on team building, group decision-making, and leadership training.
Chavurah09420_result2Located in a village ¼ mile down the road from main camp, Chavurah is a unique opportunity for our Camp Harlam teenagers to experience independence as well as group leadership. The Chavurah program teaches teenagers the basics of Jewish youth leadership and community programming. Counselors provide supervision, serving as advisors to the campers and helping coordinate and plan activities and programs together. The Chavurah Village is self-sufficient. However, the Chavurah Unit joins the rest of Camp for Shabbat, the majority of meals, and some programming. Facilities in Chavurah include: a recreation hall, softball and soccer fields, beach volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, and a swimming pool.

GesherCamp Harlam's Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program is designed to bridge the gap from being a camper to being a staff member.  Our partners at NFTY in Israel have partnered with us to create a summer program which combines 3.5 weeks at Harlam in our Gesher program with a 3.5-week trip to Israel for the teens who were supposed to be in Israel in summer 2020 but were unable to do so because of the global pandemic. Our plan for this unique situation is for teens to participate in three weeks of community-building and leadership and skill development in our Gesher program at Camp Harlam, and then leave directly from camp to depart for four weeks of travel in Israel. As we continue our summer 2021 planning, we are exploring the feasibility of allowing those who choose not to go to Israel as part of this program to remain at camp after the initial 3.5-week Gesher experience.

Screening and preparation for the program will follow after e (more information will be available after registration).


Rishonim (our 12-day Introductory session for first time campers) may be offered in the future, but with reduced capacity and measures in place to manage risk by fewer people arriving and departing camp, we are not opening enrollment for this program for 2021.


Other opportunities for teens entering grades 9 to 12

These teen programs are open to an Jewish high school student:

Camp Harlam in Israel | entering grade 11  Join your camp friends on a journey to Israel! For more information, visit NFTYIsrael.org
URJ Mitzvah Corps | entering grades 10 to 12 Expand your comfort zone and make a difference. Volunteer and immerse yourself in a new community in Israel and throughout North America as you learn about the people and culture of these communities. Be a change-maker through Mitzvah Corps’ unique hands-on experiences.