Latest Updates from Camp  Act with Your Heart in a Big Way

Act with Your Heart in a Big Way

By Hannah Lafargue and Rachel Klein

Raise your hand if you’ve ever split the last cookie with a friend.

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever taken the last cookie all for yourself, even if there was someone to share it with.
Today our campers told you lots of the ways that you can show rachamim. But acting with your heart can be really hard. The beauty of camp is that it allows us to be the most thoughtful, compassionate, caring versions of ourselves. In this place, we are surrounded by people who love us and want us to succeed. This includes everyone from our counselors and camper care to our best friends and our future best friends. We are a community that loves free hugs (if you’re comfortable), celebrating one another’s achievements, and lending a helping hand whenever possible. We learn these things from living in very close quarters and spending every waking moment together.
Maybe this is why it can feel so much harder in the rest of our lives. Our surroundings and circumstances don’t push us to act with rachamim in the same way.
So, Camp Harlam, we want to ask you to act with your heart in a big way and pass along this incredible gift. Give out some free hugs (if you’re comfortable), celebrate people’s achievements, and lend a helping hand– even if it may seem less natural. Bring your thoughtfulness, compassion, and care back to the rest of your life and make the world a better place.
Hannah Larfargue is thrilled to be the Galil Unit Head this summer as it has ALWAYS been her favorite unit! It is her 10th summer at Camp Harlam. She recently graduated from the University of Delaware with degrees in Political Science and Psychology. In the fall she will start her new role as the Director of Youth Engagement for Temple Beth El in NJ.
Rachel Klien is from NYC. This summer she is the Assistant Unit Head for Galil. It is also her 10th summer at camp! She will be junior at the University of Michigan. GO BLUE! Her favorite camp activity is Water Zumba. 

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