Latest Updates from Camp  Bitachon: Gaining Independence and Confidence

Bitachon: Gaining Independence and Confidence

Our Sharon campers share their thoughts about our middot, bitachon, facing your fears. We thank them for their thoughtful words and for leading a beautiful service Friday night.  

By Talia, Molly and Reese
Our theme is bitachon, confidence in learning. To us bitachon means to face our fears. Letting go of the rope on the swing can be scary. When I was on the tower I was scared to get off but when my friend Talia climbed over to me and said “you’ve got this” I felt so much better.

Last year was my first year of camp. The first few nights I was homesick but my friends and counselors gave me the confidence to get through the rest of the session and I must have had a great time because I came back and I’m having an awesome time with all of my old and new friends.

By Matty and Ben
Bitachon means confidence or gaining bravery. A way of gaining “bitachon,” or “confidence” is by listening to others. Listening to others is a way of learning.  I listened to my counselor, and he taught me how to play blackjack.  I gained confidence through learning a new game, and my “bitachon” has led me to win the game. Also when it was July 4th  everyone was standing on benches and throwing glow sticks I was listening and I was not doing any of that. In this moment before Shema, our prayer of “listening,”  think about how listening has helped you gain “bitachon” this week.

By Lexi V.
Bitachon means gaining confidence. Around camp there are many ways to be inclusive. If someone is on the tower, you can cheer them on or if you are at rest hour and you are playing a card game, you can deal in another person. Letting someone join in the middle of the game is a good idea. There are many different ways to be inclusive, give it a try. This Shabbat let’s all celebrate the confidence we gain through being open to others!

By Martin W. & Micah T.
Being in Sharon has helped us gain “bitachon,” or “confidence” in ways like..
When I learned how to play Lacrosse in athletics. Or when I jumped off the sports palace wall so I could hit the bell. We’ve gained confidence through these activities but there are a lot of other activities that can push you towards growth. We challenge you to gain confidence in activities you have never tried before. 

By Tyler, Alex, Liza
We all show “bitachon” or “confidence” in our own way.  We see bitachon all around camp in something like riding a bike or to completing high ropes.  Bitachon can also be coming to camp for three and a half weeks or even going double session.  We all hope to find Bitachon in our many more years of camp!

By Noa, Jemmie, Sarah
You can find bitachon, confidence through finding moments of peace. I was scared to climb the tower at first but after I started to climb, I found peace and confidence. When I looked out it was peaceful. I find peace right here, right now through Shabbat which gave me the confidence to be up here helping to lead services. Here are some ways to find peace and confidence. You can find confidence by climbing the indoor wall . You can get higher and higher on each try.I find peace by looking at the Hamsa shape and the beautiful flowers in the garden. We challenge you to look at this view and try to find the peace and confidence you need for the rest of the week.

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