Latest Updates from Camp  The Annual Arava Campout

The Annual Arava Campout

By The Arava Staff

Unit traditions are something that are so special here at Harlam, one of the amazing traditions that we have in the unit of Arava is our teva campout. The teva campout is something so special to counselors and campers and something that everyone looks forward to every year.

This year, the campout was a little different… due to our new animal friends that have been hanging around at camp this summer, we decided to move the campout to the soccer field. We had the great experience of being able to pitch our own tents (which was a real learning opportunity for some of us!), build a fire and make delicious s’mores. We also got to do fun activities with the teva team including tent tag, meditation at the Chapel on the Hill while we looked up at the clear sky, and sat around the campfire while the teva team shared some campfire stories.

Not only did we all get to do some great activities but it allowed us to reflect at the amazing opportunity to get to sleep outside of our bunks, in the nature for a night. Looking up at the stars together, pitching our tents as teams, and waking up to the smell of the campfire in the morning was truly an experience that will bond us for life. When looking back at the summer of 2019 for Arava, we will always remember this amazing time together.

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