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Keep Coming Back

By Dani Sobel

Dear Chavurah,

3 and a half weeks ago, you pulled into the village. Today, you are leading your last Saturday morning service as campers. Throughout this session, you have all grown immensely and have continuously been role models for the rest of the camp. I’m so proud of you guys for having ruach everywhere you go, making the best of every situation, and reaching outside your comfort zones. It’s clear you guys have become one big family over the summer and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it. Chavurah is such a special summer for so many special reasons. Although it may feel like the end to many parts of camp, I want you all to see this as a new opportunity to impact camp. You have been, and I hope you keep leaving your legacy around this magnificent place. As Chavurah campers, you have reached a point where all of camp looks to you to see what you’ve done up until this point. And everyone is so excited to see what you will continue to do moving forward.

I want to share with you what one of my Chavurah counselors said during my Chavurah service in 2013: “KEEP COMING BACK.” Come back to the place that made you who you are, the place where you met your best friends, the place that continues to feel like home….. and keep giving everything you can to future generations of campers. You have already began to leave your legacy and I can’t wait to see your continued impact on the place we love so much. Thank you for an amazing summer, Chavurah. I’ll see you again soon.

Love, Dani

Dani grew up in Rockville, Maryland. She attends the University of Central Florida where she studies Human Communication and Theatre. This past semester, she studied abroad in Israel. Dani returned to camp this summer as the Chavurah Assistant Unit Head.

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