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Where Do You Find Inner Beauty At Camp? 

Our Carmel campers made us all smile while they led services Friday evening based on the middah, tiferet which means finding inner beauty

By Gianna and Emma
This week’s middah is finding inner beauty or tiferet. We can find inner beauty in and out of camp. Although this is our second year at camp we were a bit nervous because we only knew each other.But we soon opened up, found inner beauty and welcomed everyone home! But finding inner beauty or tiferet isn’t just dressing up. It’s finding personality! We challenge you to find inner beauty in and out of camp.

By Lilliana and Caitlyn
The other day we were having a dance party and everyone was having fun dancing to old town road. We were showing inner beauty by doing our own unique dance moves. At camp we are all unique in different ways. At camp we show a lot of inner beauty even if we don’t realize it. Such as dressing up as we feel, that is inner beauty. Another example is the other day, we drew our own drawing representing what inner beauty means to us.

When I was climbing up the rock wall they were cheering me on by chanting my name. It made me feel happy. The other day we were swimming in the pool and having fun. My friends kept asking me to play with them and that made me happy. This is inner beauty–friends making me feel happy inside. We hope that you can find your inner beauty.

By Kira, Gracie, Paula
You can find inner beauty in many different ways at camp like…
When I shared the last bite of my cookie with my friend even though I wanted it.
Or when I cheered my friend on to make it to the top of the rock wall and she did it. Or when I had a splinter in the middle of the night and my friend helped me. I found inner beauty by sharing the last bite of cookie. I found inner beauty by cheering my friend on. I found inner beauty by handling it well. Inner beauty is hard to find. When you open our heart, you will find inner beauty just like we did. 

By Liv and Lila
I find inner beauty at camp by hanging out with all my friends. I find inner beauty at camp by going here. Shabbat when everyone comes together as a community wearing white. At camp, you can find inner beauty in many different places, from adventure to chugim and everywhere in between. Camp is filled with inner beauty. When I’m at dance my inner beauty shines the brightest because that is where I feel most comfortable and happiest. We find inner beauty at camp, how about you?

By Talia and Maya
One way you can find inner beauty is when you reach the top of the tower because you are proud of yourself and you did a new thing! Friendship bracelets is another way you can find inner beauty because when you make them you feel like you made something great and it makes someone else happy. In this example, both the person who made the bracelet and the person who gets the bracelet is showing their inner beauty. At Camp Harlam, we give away middot bracelets. When you get one you feel accomplished and your inner beauty shines when you wear one. For us finding inner beauty is also in something that you did that you never thought you could do. We hope you find your inner beauty!

By Chloe and Stella
It is very easy to forget to find your inner beauty, for example sometimes during nikayon I am so caught up helping my friends clean their areas I almost ran out of time to do mine!  Finding inner beauty means you don’t have to like the same things as your friends.  My favorite color is blue. And mine is pink. Even though we have different opinions we are both special because we let our inner beauty shine. On the first day of camp last year, I was really scared but then I made a lot of friends and I found my inner beauty. As you can see some people are good at finding their inner beauty and sometimes people forget about it. We both like sharing our opinions and this is how we find our inner beauty, how about you?

By Lev and Ben
Tiferet to us is being happy with who you are. I find inner beauty by hanging out with my friends and being silly. Like when we sing the, “National Anthem” before the CB3 cubby ball championships. A way that I find inner beauty is when I play sports. For example at the winter time I play lots of ice hockey because it makes me happy.

By Erin and Paula
Finding Inner Beauty is hard at camp. When Paula and I became friends we pushed each other to find our own inner beauty. We both found inner beauty within ourselves as well as camp this summer. This is my first year at camp, so everything was new and hard for me.  Thanks to our counselors we found inner beauty in each and everyone one of our bunkmates too. We challenge you to find inner beauty in your bunkmates too.

By Elijah, Noam and Sammy
We all find our inner beauty differently at camp. For example, I find my inner beauty when I drop from the swing and see the beautiful view. I find my inner beauty when I win a game of gaga with a bunch of older kids. I find my inner beauty when I climb the tower and feel the sweat drip from my helmet and know that I worked so hard. We hope you find your inner beauty at camp.

By Alex and Harry
This week’s middah is tiferet, or finding inner beauty.  Inner beauty can be taking a moment to reflect on what you like about yourself.  Inner beauty could also mean not being too hard on yourself on a bad day. Instead, try to cheer yourself up and think that the day after will be better. Also, if someone else is having a bad day, you can help them cheer up by helping them find their inner beauty. We encourage you to look at the good things you have in life and find inner beauty.

By Tayla and Kylie
We found a lot of inner beauty this summer. But sometimes it is hard to find inner beauty at camp. Last summer our whole bunk moved up to Sharon. It was hard at first, but we made a lot of new friends. We learned we can still be close with our old friends. We found the beauty of our friends moving up a unit because we could make a lot of new friends.

By Joseph and Rafi
Sometimes it is hard to find inner beauty, but one way of finding inner beauty is by believing in yourself and knowing you have confidence. Or trying something new.  Maybe you will like it! I found tiferet when I heard all of my friends cheering for me in gaga. I thought services wouldn’t be for me but I was wrong.  Now, I look forward to singing Shabbat songs with all my friends. We found inner beauty and we know you can too! 

By Elena and Ashley
Finding inner beauty means to me to let someone else do something even if you want to do it.  At camp you can find inner beauty by climbing to tower. Finding inner beauty is staying confident against all odds.  Being confident helps you to move on.  If someone is scared you should help them feel better about it.  Finding inner beauty is being nice to people and helping them. Finding inner beauty means having the confidence to go on the swing for the first time. Where do you find inner beauty at camp? 


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