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Gesher Visits Camp Jaycee

By Andrew Flatt and Sam Weinstein

When we were told about the opportunity to visit Camp Jaycee, a summer camp for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, we jumped at it. The eight of us knew that visiting Camp Jaycee would be a beautiful experience.

During our tour of the camp, we were surprised by how strikingly similar their camp looked to ours. They have a lake, sports, arts and crafts, and a cluster of boys and girls cabins. They even have a camp play!

While being an overnight camp counselor is certainly no easy task, observing Camp Jaycee staff was inspiring. The Jaycee counselors had a seemingly endless stream of energy, fun, and overall positivity to offer their campers despite the expectation that they are constantly tending to their campers’ special needs (helping them get dressed, showered, feeding them, etc.). What these counselors do everyday is more than just a “job.” It is a passion and a service to society that provides perpetual happiness to Jaycee campers and their families.

We left Jaycee with a feeling of admiration for our past counselors and a new perspective on what it means to be a great counselor at camp. Our visit to Camp Jaycee will have an everlasting impact on how we work here at Harlam.

Andrew Flatt is a Gesher participant spending his tenth summer at camp. Andrew resides in East Brunswick, New Jersey with his parents and two older brothers. Andrew is a CIT with the Jewish Life Department and Arava Boys 1.

Sam Weinstein is a Gesher participant spending his seventh summer at camp. Sam resides in Narberth, Pennsylvania with his Mother and younger brother. Sam is a CIT with the Cabin Counselors and Arava Boys 1.

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