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The Next Generation

By Andrew Flatt

Building the next generation of leaders is crucial to camp as well as to our society as a whole. Many outside observers view the Gesher program as solely giving the participants experience and training in being a counselor. But the reality is that the lessons learned apply far beyond being a camp counselor.

In the professional world the skills we learn at camp are exactly what employers are looking for. While hitting tennis balls all day or teaching arts and crafts projects we are solving conflicts, adapting to the needs of all campers, and enhancing our ability to work with others. Getting kids from one place to another on schedule teaches time management. Running a unit program teaches Public speaking. Working with co-counselors/co-CITs teaches team building, problem solving, and communication as well as giving some insight into other cultures. These are all skills that most rising high school seniors would not necessarily excel in but the Gesher program provides the opportunity to gain. Because of this leadership development program here at Camp Harlam we are ready to be counselors and leaders inside and outside of camp.

Andrew Flatt is a Gesher participant spending his tenth summer at camp. Andrew resides in East Brunswick, New Jersey with his parents and two older brothers. Andrew is a CIT with the Jewish Life Department and Arava Boys 1.

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