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We Would Still Love Camp

Carmel (our youngest campers) led a heart warming service Friday Night. Below are their writings they shared during services.  

By Leah, Emma & Elliot
Shabbat Shalom! Welcome to Carmel Shabbat, 2nd session 2019! We are so happy to be here together with all of you.

Today was Tu b’Av, like Jewish Valentine’s Day! After the sadness of Tisha b’Av early in the week, we find ourselves thinking about love and happiness. Since it is our last Shabbat this summer, we feel that love when we remember to be thankful for all the time we spent with our friends. And even though time feels like it is running out, we still have time to make more friends!

During the service, you can do a few things to feel more love! You can put your arms around one another, or wish the people around you a Shabbat Shalom. You can sing your heart out – even if you don’t feel like you know all the words yet! You can smile or greet even people that you don’t know! You can hug your counselors!

By Lila, Liza & Stella
At camp we love: the swing, yellow meal, climbing the tower and having shower parties! But this is not why we come back to camp. We come back to camp because of the people we are with and the place we are in. It doesn’t matter what’s on the schedule. And if all those things – the swing, the tower, yellow meal and the shower parties went away, we would still love camp as much as we do. When we are at camp, and when we are home soon again, our camp friends will always be in our hearts. Whether you’re letting the light shine in or out, always let the love shine through.

By Zoe, Mia & Liv
This is all our 2nd year of Carmel. Love brought us together at camp. You can see love when your friends cheer you up the tower, or when you hand your friend a middot bracelet. Love at home is a little different. Love at home is caring for your family. Love at home is when your family helps you when you are sad or sick. Love is also protection. Love protects us by keeping us safe. Love protects us when our counselors spread tallitot over us. Now counselors, spread them over us and help us all feel the love.

By Riley, Maddie & Zinnia
Loving Judaism makes you feel like you are apart of a community. A community makes you feel like you are at home. We are all so lucky to have family that loves us. A loving family is all we ever need. I love camp because when my friends are with me, I feel like Camp will never change. When I am at camp, I feel happy and peaceful. Friends and family make us feel: loved because they love us for who we are and peaceful because they make us feel safe.


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