The Camp Harlam Blog


Carmel: We had a blast this week in Carmel! Color War ended on Thursday with the Green team winning. We all did so well in the dances, sports, and arts! We also had another Shabbat and are excited to lead Shabbat services for this upcoming week. We also did Trip Day, where we got to have a foam party, play in the pool, and win many fantastic prizes. One of our evening programs was called Insect Night, and it was so much fun to dress up like insects and make dirt cups with Oreos and gummy worms…yum! We are really excited to make this last week the best one.

Sharon: Shalom from Sharon! We wrapped Color War this week. The green team took home the win! Following Color War, we rejoined as one camp to celebrate Shabbat. In fact, Sharon led services this past Friday! Our campers read their creative writings, created a banner, and led the camp in prayers and songs. They did a fantastic job. Later in the week, Sharon enjoyed “Trip Day,” where a theme park was created in camp! We enjoyed a party with tons of foam, sprinklers in the pool area, and last but certainly not least, Dippin Dots! This last week together is going to be the best one yet.

Kineret: Kineret had such a fantastic week. We are so proud of our campers for pushing through challenges and growing together as a unit. Some of our campers participated in the camp play and did an incredible job! We keep creating friendships inside the unit and support each other in times of need. We cannot believe the session is almost over!

Arava: Arava had an amazing third week of the session! We finished Maccabiah with more games, songs, and dances, and Green Camping Trip won! We celebrated our third Shabbat together and had an excellent song session. On Monday, we had an in-camp “trip day”! We went to a wet park, dry park, foam party, and even got a special snack! Then, we had so many outstanding performers from Arava in the camp play at night. We have built strong friendships with old and new friends and have become a connected Arava community. We can’t wait to see what next week brings! 

Galil: What a week for Galil! We danced, sang, and played so many games as we competed in this year’s Maccabi-cations. Following Color War, we led a beautiful Saturday morning Shabbat service in front of the whole camp! There were so many ways Galil campers participated – leading prayer and song, writing a reflection, and even reading Torah! 

K’Far Noar:  Another week of K’Far! This week we ventured to the Chaverah Village, where we made friends with the older age group. We ended the day with Kona Ice with our new buddies in the K’Far village. We look forward to heading off on the second hike through the Appalachian Mountains. We can’t believe camp is ending and we have to say goodbye. 

Chavurah: This week has been an exceptionally chill one for Chavurah. We loved getting to experience an in-camp “trip day.” It felt like the amusement parks had come to camp. We loved bonding and competing with our senior camp friends in Kfar Noar and had a blast welcoming them into our village for the day. Finally, we had our very own staycation. We got to hang around the village all day with our Rah staff and unwind from the craziness of camp. We’re sad to see the session ending, but our hearts will stay in 18058.