The Camp Harlam Blog


Rishonim: Rishonim has embraced camp life during our first week. We loved Shabbat, especially learning all of the tunes, hand motions, and amazing ruach from our counselors during Song Session. Campers also embraced their independence on Shabbat during Camper Free Choice, pairing up with buddies and following maps. We demonstrated excellent teamwork as we pulled the rope to lift our friends into the sky for the swing at Adventure and cheered for our friends on the low ropes course. We loved having our own Lake Party for an evening activity and are looking forward to our field trip to Beltzville Beach today and Pool Party tomorrow night with Carmel.

Carmel: Carmel had a great week at camp!! It was so exciting to meet all campers and settle into the bunks. Even though it rained, we had a lazy day around camp when we got to play board games, have bunko, and watch Paddington (Sam Blum’s favorite movie). We also had our first Shabbat at camp and are excited to lead our own services eventually. This week we get our Chavurah buddies, and we can’t wait to hang out with them throughout the summer!!

Sharon: Sharon is off to a fantastic start to the second session! This week, we had a Sharon 101 program where we learned all about the places at camp, songs, and the people to know! We also danced the night away at MTV night. The unit made sock puppets later in the week, a Sharon staple. With a week of arts, athletics, and swimming in the books, we can’t wait for the rest of the session.

Kineret: Kineret had a great first week of second session! We went to Beltsville and had so much fun playing in the water and relaxing in the sand. We had messy night, which was so much fun—and so messy! Kineret odds had bunk night and had some great bunk bonding, while the Kineret evens had a fun-filled night on the lake! We are looking forward to leading camp in Shabbat Services and getting our K’far buddies! We can’t wait for our upcoming pool party and to cheer on our friends in the camp play!

Arava: Arava has had an excellent first week of second session! We were so excited to see our old friends and make new ones! This week we dove right in and were busy all around camp! We went to Adventure, did lots of swimming, and participated in arts and athletics. We even led the first Friday night service in front of all of camp! This week we are so excited to go to Beltzville, make more new friends and keep having the best summer ever! 

Galil: We’ve had an amazing first week of the session in Galil! We’ve chosen our arts electives, climbed our first elements at Adventure, and experienced our first CHAI-lights of the session! Galil kicked off our evening programs for the session with Water Night which featured water balloons and even a slip-n-slide. Our bunks rocked MTV Night, coming up with and performing dances for the whole camp! We even solved a murder mystery! We can’t wait for all that will come in Galil this session!

K’Far: This has been the best first week! From Adventure to rainy day movies, we have a lot of time to make new friends and reconnect with the old. It’s been great being in the K’far village and so much fun being able to eat breakfast in the Ulam. We are looking forward to camper-free choice and Shabbat this weekend.

Chavurah: This week has been fantastic! Chavurah got their Carmel buddies, had an action-packed Israel night, and enjoyed lots of swimming. We spent time with our friends at the International Carnival where we learned about our staff member’s home countries! We also participated in MTV night, which was so incredibly fun. Chavurah is looking forward to another Shabbat and going rafting this upcoming week!