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The unit of Carmel led our final Friday night Shabbat services of summer 2022. Their theme was Simchah or finding joy. Below are some of the words they shared.

By Natalia, Eliora, and Hannah: Including others is important because when my friends include me, it makes me feel joyful and when I include them, they are joyful. Even though we are all different, we all included each other and became friends. Including others is an important part of camp. Think about how it feels when your friends include you. Do you feel happy? We challenge you to find joy in including others.

By Fable and Amira: I found joy when everyone was welcoming me on opening day. I found Simchah when my friends cheered me on at the tower. I find Simchah at Shabbat services because we are in a big community singing and praying together. I find joy at song session because we bang on the tables and sing together. We find joy when we are with our bunkmates. We hope that you find joy in today’s service. Shabbat Shalom!

By Poppy, Sadie, and Goldy: My friend helped me find joy when I hurt my pinky. I found joy when I was new to camp. My bunkmates helped me find joy. I found joy when I came to camp because I came late and my bunkmates were so nice. The Hashkiveinu is about sheltering us all and finding peace. The camp community brings us joy and peace. Being in my bunk brings me peace and love. Shabbat services make me feel calm and safe.

By Sammy, Preston, and Asher: The first time I saw my bunkmates, I was scared but after a couple of days I got to know them and we got close. Now we are all good friends and are having a good summer. That is what finding joy means to me. This is my first summer at Camp Harlam. When I first got here, I was scared but then my bunkmates comforted me and I felt at home and safe. Now I love camp and my bunk. That is what finding joy means to me. It is also my first summer at camp and when I came, I did not know anyone. Everyone was so nice and I found joy. We support each other as if we are one and we are reminded of our connection.

By Ariella and Noa: Last year when we met, we both felt nervous, until we found each other. We instantly bonded. We were not bunkmates but we were best friends. We did everything together like on Goobie’s Course we were buddies. Or when I climbed the tower I was scared but Noa cheered me on. Now every year our friendship gets better and better Our friendship brings us peace and we pray for peace for everyone as we sing Shalom Rav.