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One week ago, Camp Harlam opened its gates for First Session 2023. First-time campers and Harlam vets flooded in, pumped full of excitement because summer had begun, and they returned to their home away from home. The collective joy created by hundreds of campers was felt during the pep rally, First Shabbat, Rak Dan, and MTV night.

This was a week for re-connection. Aubrey .L in Arava 1 said that her highlight of the week was, “getting [to be in] this bunk with all of my friends.” Gali in Kineret 1 expressed similar emotions remarking how she “loved seeing [her] friends, meeting new people, and [her] counselors.” Even though he was a first time camper Bennett in Sharon 2, also loved, “Meeting everyone in the bunk, and coming to camp for the first time.”

The new unit of Avodah was introduced to camp on opening day; since then they have helped out with Milk Squad and created a biweekly Coffee service for extra sleepy counselors. Avodahniks, Justin L, and Jack K both enjoyed bonding with the CITs of ‘23 during their first week. The unit represents a massive success and is a way for those with severe special needs to participate and be members of the Harlam community. All of the Avodahniks including staff member David Wiseman, Supervisor Rachel Klein, Assistant Josh Warsaw, and REDI & Camper Care Manager Lori Zlotoff were honored with an Aliyah during Saturday Morning services.

Arava led Saturday morning services and their readings focused on the Middah (Character Trait) of Tiferet or finding inner beauty which can mean anything to anybody. For Meira in Kineret 1 flashlight time was a source of inner beauty while Goobies course and the swing were highlights for Dani S in Carmel 1.

Looking ahead, multiple campers are excited for Carmel-Chavurah day and “getting to spend the next 3 weeks at camp,” according to Nate K in Charvurah 2 and Ava in Carmel 1. Some campers were extra excited for future song sessions, and trips out of camp, while most were content with just getting to be with their friends after spending ten months apart.

Activities will continue to run at Camp Harlam, campers are sure to have a blast at the various adventure elements, making crafts at Omanout, in pools, or learning more about Nature during Teva. The first week at camp is packed full of activities and adjustments, moments (big and small), and friendships being formed. Jake D in Sharon 2 may have summed it up best.

“Every day is a slay the day away so far.”