Harlam Council Chair, Dan Fuchs

Harlam Council Overview

The purpose of the Harlam Council is to engage lay leaders in supporting URJ Camp Harlam and to leverage their expertise and experience. Members provide advice and feedback, shape strategy and major programs, and generate resources to enhance the operations and impact of camp. While our Council does not have legal fiduciary responsibilities, the Council’s work is vital to Harlam’s success. Empowered to be involved and impactful, the Council – as a group – is responsible for:

  • Shaping and protecting the mission, vision, and values of URJ Camp Harlam
  • Understanding Harlam’s resource needs and generating financial support to help meet those needs
  • Strengthening Harlam by connecting camp to its stakeholders and its stakeholders (current and future) to camp
  • Serving as a sounding board for the Pro Staff, particularly the Executive Director
  • Establishing and sustaining active lay leadership involvement through the Council, Committees, and Task Forces

As a group, the Council develops goals, initiatives, and strategies to guide its work. Members undertake this work in collaboration with the Pro Staff and the Youth Program network of the Union of Reform Judaism.


If you would like more information about the Council, please contact Aaron Selkow (Executive Director) at ASelkow@URJ.org or 610-668-0423, ext. 1034.

Council Members

  • Dan Fuchs (Chair)
  • Ali Reich (Vice Chair)
  • Marc Landis (Vice Chair)
  • Michael Wilck (Secretary)
  • Dan Pliskin (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Rosanne Selfon (Past Chair)
  • Jessa Cameron (NFTY Professional)
  • Melo Taylor (NFTY Professional)
  • Amanda Wachstein (NFTY Professional)
  • Jennifer Finkelstein
  • Jen Goldstein
  • Jeff Green
  • Samantha Green
  • Rabbi Michael Holzman
  • Caroline Kallman Joffe
  • Josh Laster
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Julie Snyder Levine
  • Lori Motis
  • Daniel Nestel
  • Ronni Pressman
  • Mimi Prushan
  • Adam Rosenberg
  • Adina Rosenthal
  • Julie Schwartz
  • Matt Schwartz
  • Ramona Sitko
  • Joshua Waldorf
  • Bettyruth Walter

Harlam Chaverim

  • Rabbi Craig Axler
  • Dan Baratz
  • Jaqueline Bass
  • Josh Bomze
  • Scott Fein
  • David Forstein
  • Patty Glascom
  • Sharon Kollender
  • Abraham Morris
  • Susan Olinsky
  • Alan Prushan
  • Helene Sacks
  • Larry Simon
  • Ben Wachstein
  • Rabbi Steve Weisman