Nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Camp Harlam provides the finest in Jewish Camping. Established in 1958, Camp Harlam has developed a strong tradition of success and excellence based on a highly skilled staff dedicated to the spiritual, physical, social and emotional well-being of each child, while building lifelong relationships between friends.

chapel walking hand in handCamp Harlam is one of 18 Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) overnight camps across North America. Camp Harlam opened in 1958 and has grown to its present size with a 300-acre facility, a population of approximately 550 campers each session, and a staff of over 225 exceptional role models.

The Camp Harlam family consists of smaller communities within Junior Camp, Senior Camp, and the Gesher (Counselor in Training) Program. Junior and Senior Camps are further broken down into units based on a child’s school grade to create a more intimate and age-appropriate experience for our campers.

Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Harlam is to create a vibrant, fun and caring camp community which enriches and strengthens Reform Jewish identity and values while cultivating lifelong friendships.

Camp Harlam fulfills its mission through our commitment to the following core values:

Ahavat Yisrael / Love of Israel and Hebrew
B’tzelem Elohim / Created in Image of God
G’milut Hasadim / Acts of Loving Kindness
Hachnasat Orchim / Being a Welcoming and Accepting Community
Kehilah Kedoshah / Sacred Community
Ruach / Spirit
Talmud Torah / Lifelong Jewish Learning
Tikkun Middot / Character Development
Tikkun Olam / Responsibility to Repair the World

Open & Safe

Harlam’s commitment to a community that welcomes and values everyone.

Open Safe LogoThe Harlam community is established and reinforced as a sacred Kehillah (community). In keeping with the camp’s mission to be a true and holy Reform Jewish community, our leaders have recommitted themselves to making sure that Harlam is a true reflection of today’s families: we are all individuals of different sizes, different shapes, different colors, with different backgrounds, feelings and of different beliefs. Because of that, we uphold one of our most cherished values, the belief that we are B’tzelem Elohim – created in God’s image.

Open Safe QuoteFor all people that are part of our community, we are dedicated to making Harlam an environment for them that will be open, understanding, accepting and where bias and prejudice will not be tolerated. To meet this challenge, our leadership and members of our staff work with various organizations and professionals to receive training and to develop further strategies to establish greater sensitivity to people in all segments of the Jewish community that may be represented at Harlam. In addition, we continue to focus on improvements that further our success in creating a more inclusive camp program and facility. Examples include new ADA-accessible cabins and facilities, the establishment of gender-neutral restrooms, and an expanded Camper Care Team that features a dedicated Inclusion Coordinator to insure that each member of our community is welcome and supported regardless of any physical or intellectual disabilities, diagnoses or challenges.

Harlam remains committed to supporting and representing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in every way possible. We also stand proud with the Reform Movement in their passage of the resolution that affirms the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people within our community. In particular, we welcome campers and staff who may be in the midst of their transition, who may see camp as a positive, integral part of that process.

Harlam will be a place where each child, staff member and any person who walks onto our idyllic campus should be safe and have the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves, able to enjoy all that our program has to offer.