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Do What you Love and Love What You Do

By Izzy Namath

One of my favorite quotes is “do what you love and love what you do”.  When considering what to do during the summer before college, this quote came to mind.

Most of my friends are working at home or going on family vacations, and they didn’t completely understand why I would willingly spend my summer with 11 year old kids, in the middle of nowhere, with limited down time. However, I didn’t have a doubt about what I would be doing this summer. I love camp and I love working with kids, so to me it seemed natural that I would come back to be a counselor. I figured I’d help mold these kids into their future selves and help provide them a safe space in which to develop their identities. Little did I know they’d be doing the same for me. Everyday I laugh harder than I thought possible, learn more than I ever have from a teacher, and feel my heart swell with pride for my Kineret campers countless times.

The summer between elementary school and middle school is a pivotal time in an adolescent’s life, similar to the transition from high school to college. Going to middle school provides an opportunity to meet new people and pushes you to become more sure of yourself. Let me tell you— my girls are more self confident than any other ten and eleven year olds that I have ever met. They are so caring for one another, welcoming of new campers, and unafraid to be their true selves. Every day they push me to become not only a better counselor but also a better person. Thanks to these Kineret campers I truly do what I love and love what I do.

Izzy Namath will attend the University of Maryland’s Honors College in the fall. She particpates in dance and show choir. This will be her 9th summer at Camp Harlam. 

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