Latest Updates from Camp  The Pool is Not Cold, It’s Refreshing

The Pool is Not Cold, It’s Refreshing

By Chelsea Frisch, Lilly Vaz & Amanda Warwick

Last summer we began our journey on waterfront as CITs and since then we’ve come a long way. From the nerve-
wracking first days of not knowing the dynamic of waterfront to becoming responsible staff members who are fully integrated into the rest of the group, we have continued to have a growing appreciation for camp and our department. This summer we are first year waterfront counselors and are finally getting a new perspective on camp. Here are some things we’ve learned:

  1. The pool is not cold, it’s refreshing
  2. Sunscreen is a MUST
  3. Campers leave the pool with less than they came with (many unclaimed goggles)
  4. The slide on Lake Joshua has the best view on camp (we only look when we’re not watching the campers!)
  5. Tan lines that we get on the first day of camp will last the entire summer

These are just a few of the things we’ve learned in the few weeks of being on staff. We could not be more excited to be working with such amazing counselors and campers. The storytelling with campers, nights under the stars with friends, and timeless song sessions are only things that can be found at Camp Harlam. While being on staff may be a different role than we have ever had before, we have found that the traditions and community are forever present. Maybe we’re teaching instructional swim instead of participating and maybe we’re on a lifeguard stand in the heat of free swim instead of in the water, but we now have the joy of witnessing the campers enjoy things like playing categories or seeing who can make the biggest splash. From coming late because of graduation to trying to catch up with everyone else, we can now see how worthwhile this experience will be!

Chelsea Frisch is from Westfield, NJ. She will attend Cornell University in the fall. This is her 8th summer at camp.

Lilly Vaz loves to act, dance and hang out with her friends. It is her 8th summer at staff and she is so excited to join the staff this year. 

Amanda Warwick is from Moorestown, NJ. She will attend Gettysburg College in the fall. It is her 3rd summer at camp. 

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