Latest Updates from Camp  K’Far Noar’s Annual Trip to Baltimore

K’Far Noar’s Annual Trip to Baltimore

By Harry Evans

K’Far Noar this week traveled to Baltimore on their annual trip. The time away allowed the campers to reflect on their connection to Judaism alongside finding joy in all Baltimore had to offer.

The first stop on our trip brought us to the US Naval Academy, established in the 19th Century. The academy aims to educate its visitors on the history of the US Naval Academy. The campers learned about Annapolis’ naval history alongside how Judaism is integrated as a part of the Naval Academy visiting the temple built within the Naval Quarters.

Following this, the campers toured the Annapolis harbor on a boat ride learning about the history of Annapolis and how the city itself was built and manufactured into what we see today. K’Far was then given free time to explore Annapolis before heading to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles vs. Yankees game, with many campers cheering for their favorite players and enjoying the sport.

The campers were able to learn about both American history and Jewish life in Baltimore, as we visited the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Star Spangled Banner Flag House. K’Far enjoyed their time at both museums and engaged with both Jewish and American culture learning about how our national anthem came to be alongside the creation of the first flag and participating in the new Inescapable tour which highlights the life of Harry Houdini. We were then able to explore the inner harbor including the variety of shops and restaurants that Baltimore has to offer. K’far then visited the Visionary Art Museum where the campers viewed the multiple pieces of work which were on show. To end the trip we took the campers bowling in which they enjoyed competing against their friends and eating pizza.

Overall, the trip was fun for everyone and allowed K’Far to find Bina (meaning) learn and grow in their knowledge of Judaism at the same time as enjoying Baltimore and finding Simcha (joy).

Harry Evans is from Ripon, England. He is majoring in film and photgraphy at Sheffield Hallam University. Harry is excited to return Camp Harlam for a second summer. When asked what are his two favorite things about camp he replied, “Maccabiah and Wawa!”

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