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My Friends are There for Me

Sharon Campers lead a heartfelt service Friday night on the based on the middah (character trait) acharayut (thinking about others). Here are a few of their readings…

By Ashley, Evie and Maya
We are all different but we have somethings in common. My friends are there for me when I miss my family that shows acharayut. My friends  are there to comfort me when I am homesick. My friends are there for me when I need help. These are all ways to care about others.  It’s not hard to care about others especially your friends. You can care about others in many ways like helping to pull your bunk mates to the top of the swing. Encouraging your friend to do the zip line even though they are scared of heights. Or helping someone up and making them feel better. Whether it’s at the swing or in the cabin always care about others!

By Priya and Maital
We met each other six years ago and ever since we’ve best friends. We are always helping each other and standing up for each other. Both of us have the goal of getting to the top of the tower. We both went up at the same time and the whole way up we cheered each other on. We both would have made it to the top if Priya’s helmet hadn’t completely flopped off. When Maital made it to the top of the tower I was so happy for her even though I didn’t make it. This is one of the many examples of how we show acharayut. We hope you show acharayut this summer also!

By Sofia and Eden 
This year I was at a campfire and someone told me a story that made me very homesick.  But my friends were there for me to make sure I would have the time of my life.

Last year halfway through my first Shabbat I started crying.  My counselor took me outside to calm me down.  When I finally calmed down my counselor walked me to Shabbat dinner.  My friends asked me what was wrong, I told them I missed my parents saying the words made me want to cry again.  But my friends were there for me.

Last year was my first year at camp, at first I got a little homesick but my friends helped me be happy.  Once I had nightmare, I woke up in the middle of the night-I would look at all my friends sleeping but I didn’t just look at my friends I would look at all of my friends who were there for me.  The friend who I would laugh with until our throats hurt.  The friends I dance and sing with until our feet hurt and our throats are hoarse.  Finally the friends who I would spend the best summer of my life with.

In our three stories we found out the friends we make at Camp Harlam will always be there for us!

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