Latest Updates from Camp  Weekly Round Up for Week 2: Second Session

Weekly Round Up for Week 2: Second Session

Week 2 was a blast! Read below to see what each unit has been up to.

Carmel: Carmel had a superb week! This week we had our Teva campfire and the Carmelympics! We also snuck down to the ‘Rah village while they were gone and took over for a night! We ate burgers and hotdogs and swam in the I pool! We ended our week with an amazing trip to Dorney Park, where we ate good food, rode plenty of rides and lazed in the lazy river!

Sharon: This was an amazing trip-filled week in Sharon! We started the week with our classic trip to the beaches of Beltzville National Park. We enjoyed slushies, fries, mozzarella sticks, and ice cream in the sand before we swam in the clear waters of Beltzville Lake! To end this week, we journeyed to Dorney Park to experience the thrills of the roller coasters and the refreshment of the Wildwater Kingdom! Between these trips we have still been loving our adventure periods and this week we were all able to go to the lake for FUN. We led Shabbat services this past Friday and loved being able to lead the whole camp in songs and read our creative writings to them! We’re looking forward to having just as much fun next week also! Thanks for checking in on Sharon!

Kineret: Kineret threw a giant dance party and jammed out to High School Musical. We had our own unit FUN. and Talent Show. This weekend, we had Disney Night on the beach. We may have lost the Heart of Tafiti, but we did not let that keep us from having a great time during Lake Night. Kineret had a great time at Dorney Park on Monday. We will finish the week with paint night today!

Arava: Arava had an amazing week this week! We had fun evening programs such as Paint night and the Tepper-Shulman wedding and dance with Galil! Hershey park was a highlight of our summer! We can’t wait for the CIT Variety Show, Rak Dan and all the fun week 3 will bring!

Galil: Our campers had a fantastic time in Galil this week. Some of the highlights of the week include watching our friends play basketball in the Pinemere Games, playing improv games with the Bible Players, of course – our trip to Hershey Park! We celebrated our own “Tepper-Shulman Wedding” with an Arava-Galil dance. Even with a few rainy days and Friday night Shabbat services in the Beit, Galil has been having a blast rain or shine. We are looking forward to a new week with lots of fun ahead!

K’Far Noar: K’Far had a spectacular week! The highlights were the rafting trip, the talent show, and the Pinemere games. We got to arts, athletics, adventure, teva, and the pool despite the rain. We are most looking forward to the New York trip this upcoming week, and the great museums and broadway show we are going to see.

Chavurah: We had a great week in Chavurah! We spent time with staff from the Religious Action Center in preparation for our trip to DC, and we didn’t let the rain stop us from enjoying some great days at camp. On Sunday morning we departed for our trip, and spent the first two days checking out some museums, seeing a movie, and bowling. We’re excited to close out the trip and get back to camp for the Variety show on Wednesday night!

Gesher: The CITs have had a very exciting week! We had the opportunity to discuss political issues with special visitors, including Shira Zemel from the URJ’s Religious Action Center and Joel Chasnoff, an American/Israeli comedian and speaker. On Saturday morning, we had the honor of leading Shabbat in front of camp with our family members in attendance, whom we got to eat lunch with and show around camp. We are very excited to be traveling to Dorney Park and Hershey Park with our campers!

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