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Everyday is a New Day!

By Orli Forster

People often think that being a specialty counselor is boring. Repetitive. The same thing over and over again. Every. Single. Day. 

This could not be farther from the truth. Technically yes, we do work in the same field each day. However, each day presents itself with something different. One day it’s a new set of skills that we teach. The next it’s a new camper that we meet. The day after is a new memory or bond that we make. 

My favorite part about being a specialty counselor is making connections with campers outside of my bunk. Everyday, as I walk around camp, I always see a familiar face. We give high fives, ask about each other’s days, and bond over our shared love for soccer. Knowing campers outside of my unit from soccer clinics helps me to feel more connected and a part of camp’s kehilah, community. Not only do I have a unit full of staff members who support me, but I also have an amazing athletics department. I am so thankful that the athletics team has been so welcoming and inclusive this summer. 

Overall, I love being a specialty counselor. It’s fun, rewarding, and helps me to grow as an individual. And if I am doing what I love, like playing soccer, to me, that’s all that matters.

Orli Forster will attend the University of Michigan in the fall. Since the age of 8, she has been playing soccer and is excited to be the soccer specialty counselor this summer. It is her first year on staff and her 8th summer at Camp Harlam. 


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