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K’Far Noar Take on the Big Apple

By Harry Evans

K’Far Noar’s trip to the Big Apple brought with it a lot of fun and learning. It gave us the chance to experience the city in it’s best light at the same time as becoming confident in new surroundings and being fully committed with our actions.

We started with a trip to the iconic Chelsea Market where K’far explored the vast array of different shops and restaurants showcasing foods and items from a variety of cultures. Following this we took the campers for a tour of the Whitney Museum of Modern Art learning about the work of several artists and analysing the individual pieces to find meaning behind why the artwork was created. This allowed the campers to figure out their own independent opinions on the art and find meaning behind each piece of work.

After looking at the cultural side of NYC we were taken on The Big Onion tour to learn the history around how immigration in New York City happened and how the city came to be what it is today. The tour included a walk through Washington State Garden and seeing sites such as the Friends house. K’far wrapped up their first day in the city with a few games of bowling at Chelsea Pier while enjoying pizza and soda.

We kicked off the second day with a trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum in Manhattan, where the campers were told the historical lineage of the Jewish Holocaust including Jewish life before WW2, the rise of the Nazi’s and the lives of Jews after the holocaust. This gave campers the opportunity to learn about their religion alongside become proud in their own heritage and ancestry. We then took the campers on a trip to the 9/11 memorial in which we learned about the incident and the history behind what happened September 11th, 2001.

K’far were then given free time in Times Square in which they visited a variety of stores and tourist locations, this allowed the campers to enjoy all that central Manhattan had to offer as-well as become closer as a unit. To round-out the trip we were taken to the Gilbert Schoenfeld theatre to see the broadway musical “Come from Away”, with many campers enjoying the show and the music featured.

The New York City trip gave K’far a chance to grow as individuals and a unit, there first time out of camp on a trip alongside the opportunity to visit new places meant that as a whole the unit became much stronger going into the second half of the session. The campers are excited to be back at camp and look forward to finishing the summer in the best possible way!

Harry Evans is from Ripon, England. He is majoring in film and photgraphy at Sheffield Hallam University. Harry is excited to return Camp Harlam for a second summer. When asked what are his two favorite things about camp he replied, “Maccabiah and Wawa!”

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