Latest Updates from Camp  It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

By Harrison, Shayna, Hailey, Dara, Laine, Elizabeth

This year at camp we have the opportunity to live in the K’Far Noar village. This means that our whole unit gets to live in one area separate from main camp. This has given us the opportunity to become one big community in which we support each other. In this community, we make sure that everyone feels welcome. We do this by inviting others to sit with us at lunch or by hanging at rest hour. We all help and support each other and we are willing to respect each other and compromise. We have acknowledged that we are all different and none of us can do anything at camp alone, even when we are sad we are never alone, as our bunkmates are always there for us.

The village is an amazing place to live. We are surrounded by nature and the things that it gives. Even though we are in this sacred holy place, there are many more things and challenges we must face. We come to camp to be together. Now our unit is better than ever!

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