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Our First Brown Time

By Sam Kelly and Sami Fleischner

Let’s talk about our camp firsts:

Our first time as senior camp
Our first time in a village
Our first time rafting
Our first brown time
Our first year without S’morning
Our first time eating late breakfast
Our first overnight trip
Our first time having a fuzzy friend
Our first time having our own fire pit

But, the most important first is living together in one, inclusive community, with our bunks side by side.

Our K’Far campers have done a beautiful job transitioning into the senior camp atmosphere and becoming a kehilah kedosha, or a sacred community. We have been able to see new friendships form, old friendships develop, and a type of harmony that is indescribable.

This is the perfect year for our campers to grow into the young adults they want to become, and cherishing a place that grants them the freedom to challenge themselves. They have shown us already why camp is truly the best place on earth, not just because of the fun activities, memorable nighttime rituals and programs, but because of who we are surrounded by. We want to thank them for all they have taught us already, and we cannot wait to continue this special journey with them this session.

Sam Kelly, known at camp as “Skelly”, is the K’Far Noar Unit Head this summer. He is from Somerset, NJ. This is his 11th summer at Harlam. Some of Skelly’s interests and hobbies include sports, history, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Sami Fleischner is the K’Far Noar Assitant Unit Head this summer. In the Fall she will be a Junior at the University of Delaware as a Organizational and Community Leadership major. This is her 11th summer at camp. Sami loves being outside, especially on Shabbat walking up the Hill for services. 

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