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Dear Chavurah

By Dani Sobel

Dear Chavurah,

I’m so extremely proud of you.

You have so much enthusiasm for activities and created memories throughout them all. And more than you know, so many of these cherished memories that we all share will stick with you for years to come. To say this summer has been anything less than amazing would be an understatement.

I know this day may be hard for some of you- it’s your last day as Camp Harlam campers. 

While you may feel inclined to focus on the parts of camp that are wrapping up, I encourage you to think about what you can take with you from this summer, and what you will bring back with you when you return to this place as CITs and staff members. 

Although the feeling of the end may be in the back of your mind, remember that there will always be more camp here for you. 

This has been an amazing summer, Chavurah, but it isn’t over just yet. Let’s make this final day together unforgettable. Hoo-Rah!


Dani grew up in Rockville, Maryland. She attends the University of Central Florida where she studies Human Communication and Theatre. This past semester, she studied abroad in Israel. Dani returned to camp this summer as the Chavurah Assistant Unit Head.

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