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What Camp is All About

By Becky W.

My best camp memories occur in the unplanned free moments. The times when it starts pouring on the walk back to the village with my best friends and we all start singing. It’s times like these that make me keep coming to camp. Harlam is full of programs I could not experience elsewhere, adventure, J-life, and living with 25 other girls. The camp experience has taught me great life lessons at such a young age. I have learned how to live with others, put the most into everything I do, try new things, and be my best self.

When I first signed up for camp, I had no idea what would come of it. I didn’t know how much I would learn, how much would be passed to me, or the people I would meet. But 8 years later I now know what camp is all about. I feel ready to do everything that has been done for me for my campers, so camp can continue to be what it is for generations to come.

Becky w. has been coming to camp for 8 summers! She is from Allentown, PA. Her favorite part of the week is Shabbat at camp. She also loves spending quality time with her friends. 

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