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Friday Night our Carmel campers (rising 3rd and 4th graders) reflects on our camps Middah (Jewish values) and how they apply to their camp experience.

One time this session my friend needed a towel. I gave him one. I did it with my heart. Acting with your heart is my middah. We can also act with our hearts and show God love when we pray. God we feel your love when we feel joy.

I am talking about seeking meaning. An example of Bee-nah or seeking meaning to me is the prayers.
Before I came to camp I didn’t understand what the prayers meant. I really wanted to sing all the prayers and say the Hebrew. Listening helped me seek meaning. When I listened to the song leaders sing English after the Hebrew I began to understand more. I listen to everyone sing the prayers and talk about what the prayers mean to them. This week I challenge you to take time to listen to the prayers and find your own meaning.

Before camp I never did a talent show or a play. I heard that there as going to be a talent show at camp and I was excited but I was also nervous.  At the talent show when I was on deck, I got very nervous.  My counselor talked to me andI worked up the confidence to go on stage and do my part. As my act went on I worked up more confidence and after my act I was very happy because all of my friends were clapping and cheating for me.

I chose pushing through a challenge because a week ago I slipped in the bathroom and fell on my chin.  I was VERY CHILL and calm. When I found out I had to get stitches I was nervous. But I held still. There were a lot of people comforting me and helping me push through this hard challenge. With their help I finally pushed through the challenge. Some people speak wot God to help them push through a challenge.

One time we were at the Z pool with my bunk. When we got out of the pool my friend lost both of her earrings. When we got back to our bunk I realized I had a lot of other earrings. So I said, You can use my earrings for the summer. I felt really good about what I did. I earned the thinking about others – (Ach-ray-oot) bracelet, When I look at that bracelet it reminds me of how happy my friend was because I thought about her. It reminds me to keep thinking about others. At services we can also think about others, we can think about our ancestors the people that came before us.

The path is for me finding joy.  When I took one step inside my cabin (Carmel 4) I was nervous. Outside camp I am known for not being nervous about stuff. But then, in my cabin, for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. I literally spent 15 minutes trying to get down from my top bed.  After a couple of days everyone felt so close.  Now we are like family.