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Summer 2022 Dates: Sunday, June 19- Sunday, August 14

Camp Harlam’s Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program is designed to bridge the gap from being a camper to being a staff member. The program combines leadership training, education on how to be a staff member, hands-on experience working with campers, and separate activities just for the participants in the Gesher program. A select group is accepted into this program based on their applications, personal interviews, essays, and recommendations.

The Gesher program is an 8-week (full season) experience that includes a 2-week experiential component living in the cabins with campers.

The Gesher application is now open.  While we have already accepted participants to the program, we will continue to accept applications as space allows because we know it continues to be a challenging time for so many of our Gesher age kids.  We don’t want our usual November deadline to be an additional stressor and certainly prioritize your wellness first.  If we can be helpful as you consider applying, or have questions about available space, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.  If you are ready to apply, please use this link.



The most valuable way to hear about the CIT program is from former CITs. Here is what some CITs had to say about their experience:

“Being a CIT requires you to be okay with making mistakes, accepting them, and learning quickly from them and moving on.”

“I really didn’t expect to change at all when the summer began, but at the end of the summer I realized just how much I had changed. Last year, I cared so much about how others viewed me. And as the course of the summer went on, I stared to recognize that I was so much happier when I was unapologetically me. And I’ve carried this into the beginning of this senior year of high school and I couldn’t be happier not caring about what others think of me.”

“I had the summer of my life. I grew in ways that I did not predict, and I had an incredibly meaningful experience.”

“I really loved this summer. I think it gave the participants so many opportunities to learn how to grow as future leaders not only at camp.”

“My favorite part of the Gesher program was the fact that we were given trust and freedom to be independent with our own kids.”

“I had such a positive experience this summer. I really thought that we had a lot of direction and purpose for being at camp.”

“My favorite part of the Gesher program was the balance it provided between camper and counselor. We had our responsibilities and made the most of our opportunities working with campers, as well as hanging out within Gesher and our fellow CITs.”

“I had many experiences that made my Gesher summer so amazing. One part was simply living in the Bayit. Getting to live with all my friends under one roof really made me appreciate everyone. I loved being able to walk into the center room at night and always have something new to do with someone new. I also loved the aspect of the summer that gave us the freedom to do what we liked. I’ve always been very anxious and I like to do things on my own time, very independently. At camp, it can be difficult to find time to yourself. But the off periods, and the ability to pick what you want as a CIT made the summer so awesome.”

“I became more outgoing and was given many chances to go out of my comfort zone.”